Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Top 10 Cake Decors

    Well I surely haven't blogged for a while and for those of you who do care... I'm deeply sorry =(. Do forgive me, plz. You see it has been such a long time, that I was thinking that I should come really good, so I wanted to do a 'Things Guys do' post, but I haven't thought of much things that I can write about. So if you have anything you would like me to expand on, plz comment and let me know, I'll be eternally grateful =). So for a 2 month vacation, I only have 2 weeks of actual vacationing, that's probably the reason for my lack of blogging =(.So I decided that I should change that tonight, with a random Top 10 post =D lolz. And what better to blog about than food!! Who doesn't love food? These days, my mom's away so we don't have much food in the house, and my dad rarely cooks and well it's pretty sad life =( [I misses my mommy <3]. And then the other day  I came across a lovely food blog, with some scrumptious looking pictures and it totally made me hungry at like 1 in the morning. It's called The Catty Life, with lovely food photography and lovely recipes as well. I think that you all should check it out --------->
       So this post isn't much on food as it is on dessert, cakes in particular. I'm probably going to torture myself with this since the only sweet thing left in my house is me, lolz just kidding, the only sweet thing we have is pure granulated sugar! So I just love a pretty cake. It says so much about an event and adds to the room just as much, or even more than any piece of decor. And if you're looking for cake ideas for a wedding or birthday or anything, look no further because these are just absolutely spectacular pieces. Ok Ok let me stop talking and get down to the yummy stuff...

Top 10 Cake Decors:-

So detail is obviously a big win. I just love the detail on this cake, and I love how this much detail was done all in one color! So it's not too flashy but it's not too simple. And to no surprise, this was nothing less than the wedding cake of our beloved royal couple, Will and Kate =).

This isn't the Royal wedding cake, but it's beautiful none the less with the same concept. And I love the BLING!

So I really like this cake because it has the same concept as #1. Yes it only has two colors and it has managed to be elegantly detailed and beautiful, without being over bearing. And well I'm a big fan of flourishes, so that's a major win.

So I know that this cake is really simple and it doesn't really compare to the others but I think that it's sooo cute. and that's pretty much why it's # 3. A cute little animal cake, I mean for those of you that like this idea, think about it, that owl could be replaced by any creature you like =D This cake is themed 'Midnight slumber party', hence the pillows in the background, and it's soo cute since owls are nocturnal creatures sigh* And I love stars as well, so it's a great compilation.

Like NO WAY is this a cake! It's like some brilliant trophy that belongs in the halls of Hogwarts or even Eton  for a matter of fact. It's soo detailed and vintage. I adore it, despite it's slender shape which means that it ain't meant for a crowd of people lolz. Prepare for a battle to the death! You must admit that this is amazing...

Well cake hasn't been much of  an Indian tradition for many centuries and that is why I LOVE THIS! I mean like 3 years ago, I was just thinking to myself while baking a cake around Divali time [ don't wry it was egg less =P], "wouldn't it be cool if I could do a mehendi design on this cake?!?!" And the thing is I tried! But putting icing into a mehnedi cone wasn't that simple after all =S. But oh mother of pearl, these people have read my mind! And we all know what a beautiful art henna is?!? An old eastern tradition comes to face with western culture. they obviously did a better job than I ever could. Mehendi on cake! Brilliant!!!!

So this is very detailed as well. And what I like about it is that it's not your typical cake, it takes on another shape; pillows. And they are quite believable, stacked high upon each other. I also like how each pillow has it's own personality and details. Idk if the castle on top is edible, but it sure is pretty.

Ok so another lovely cake idea is based on favorite fictional characters. Who doesn't love these crazy childhood icons that we all grew up with?? This one's based on Mario. Again I love how it's non traditional, taking on spherical shapes and I love how they managed to capture nearly all the details of the game. Very well done!

So a typical traditional method for decorating cakes, is the use of flowers. 
But over time this has become more extravagant and exceptional. clusters of flowers look beautiful on a cake. The detailing of the flowers is mind blowing, since they look so real, it's absolutely adorable. And again we see the flourishes making a presence. Love it!

So it's been all about flowers and flourishes and bedazzlements and other fancy things. But what about the more simple things in life... fruits. It doesn't have to be a fruitcake to use fruits. Idk how well your favorite fruits such as mango might work in this case, but berries seem to do the trick. But then again, who doesn't love strawberries? Surely not I. And the bride and groom strawberries are a cute and splendid idea.

So everything was about limited colors because since your cake can be a reflection of you, and you definitely don't want the world thinking you're crazy! But this crosses boundaries, embracing almost every color in the rainbow. I love how each color compliments the other. Again it has that East Indian look with the use of little lotus flowers and gold mehendi flourishes. And plus it's different because it's a cake of many cakes, and they're actually little baby cakes not just cupcakes. Very fun, very pretty, very tasteful <3

      These cakes were wonderful. I loved them all, it was pretty hard putting them in order form 1-10. If you were looking for cake ideas, I hope this helped you and well if you were bored... I hope this entertained you. Keep reading for our up coming posts; top 10 cupcakes and top 10 desserts ;)


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    1. You're welcome lolz =)
      Hmm I don't really know a lot about cake decorating, but I do plan to learn this summer, so may be then I can offer more enlightenment =D