Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things Guys Do [1].

       Ok so guys say that girls are really complicated and they don't understand them at all...and I agree! But I mean who are they to trash girls when they are just the same! Like, there are things guys do that girls just don't get, there are things that they do that make no sense at all and there are things that they do that are just plain out GAY! So girls obviously put their owning meanings to things cuz nobody judges better and assumes better than girls. So idk, if there are any guys reading this maybe they can correct me if I'm wrong [ I'm rarely wrong btw =P].
So there are a couple of things guys do, and well it's hard to classify it into categories, so let's begin this list of things guys do in a complete random order  =)
Things Guys do :-
1. Guys tell you that they work out.
In a totally random way, guys find sum way to mention that they work out, it doesn't even make sense!  Idk why at the end of a convo they have to be like, ' Ok bye I'm gonna work out' or at the beginning, ' Wow, I just finished working out' or sum where during the convo they like to randomly interject, 'Wow I don't wanna go to the gym' or, 'I'm soo tired from gym'. Oh and what about the ultimate best..... Posting it as ur facebook status!!!!! Classic! So why do guys do this?? Idk! I would assume it's because they are trying to impress u. Sry, but unless we ask, it doesn't rly impress the ladies, if u want us to know that u work out-  we should see sum real evidence of that, and not be totally shocked that u actually work out wen I see it as ur status pon d book =(

2. Guys wait for you to talk to them first.
Ok, idk y, but guys wait for girls to talk to them first! A guy would watch you for more than 5 mins, u know for sure that he's interested in you.... yet he refuses to talk to you. Padna that is ur loss! So yea, idk if guys play hard to get or what, or maybe they wanna feel special that a girl came up to them today.. idk. Guys, you should know that for the past centuries,  men courted women, you should know that playing hard to get is a woman's job, you should know that the act of u trying to impress the girl through romantic gestures[ not by telling her that u work out] is what gives way to real relationships, not the petty crap that most people fool themselves with. And personally, even if I like you I would wait for you to talk to me .... I don't go man hunting. So guys if you like a girl, go talk to her! I mean you don't have to tell her u like her rite away, but simple convo is just fine. And wen I say talk I don't mean facebook chat, msn or texting, talk to her and tell her you like her over the phone or in person. And if you are gonna wait for the girl to tell you that she likes you or for her to talk to you first..... yuh go stay rite there!

3. Guys don't know how to start a convo.
Yes I know I told you all to make the first move in # 2, that's why I'll teach you how to...lolz. Ok so wen you want to talk to a girl.... don't lie! If you see her reading a book, don't approach her saying, 'Wow that book was rly gud, u'll enjoy,' if u never read the book. If you read the book... good move! The convo can then be about books which is a good start... but if u didn't then u dead hoss!!!!! They will eventually find out u lied and then they will avoid talking to you,... unless before she gives you a death stare you tell her that ur joking. Also, don't act like u are the hottest thing known to man, but still maintain a sense of confidence - it can have that whole bad boy appeal, but remember don't be over confident cuz den we'll just wanna kick you where the sun don't shine. DO NOT POKE! Don't poke the girl , just don't poke her!!!!! Virtual poking maybe acceptable on fb and its probs becuz nobody rly checks their pokes but don't do it in person unless you're rly rly jaw dropping hott ok. Yea, so basically try to create a comfortable atmosphere where they won't mind talking to you, avoid freaking them out or allowing them to think ur a freak by doing weird things..... like poking them. Maybe you could try a more subtle approach like, 'Hey, you do the hw?', a lil awkwardness could be cute.. but only if it makes them laugh. That's all I could rly say.. it's more a practical experience sry. =/

4. Guys talk to girls about their friend/s.
So for some reason, guys find it necessary that during their convo with you to somehow ask you about ur fren . So for example, Squeaks will be talking to you gud gud, 'Wat u doin?', 'How was ur day?' and then all of a sudden, Squeaks just ups and says, ' So umm ur friend, Pushmatie doh like meh?', 'Tell she I was only joking nah', 'Pushmatie like meh?'. Guys what's that about?? Are u trying to make it clear that u are not interested in us? Are u trying to make us jealous? Do you really like Pushmatie? Are you trying to find out information on Pushmatie? Plz tell me cuz I don't know!! So here it is, if u are trying to make it clear that u are uninterested in us... then just don't talk to us, sooner or later we'll get the hint. If you trying to make us jealous den sry, becuz as girls, if our frens like a guy, we learn to accept it....... so we'll familiarize ourselves wit the fact that u don't like us and that u like Pushmatie and well... basically u just ruined ur chances. Also if you are trying to make it seem that ur attention is else where.. it's not flattering to us----> CHANCES RUINED. If it is that u rly do like Pushmatie... den why the hell u telling us???? Go and talk to Pushmatie! Don't be talking to US, telling US how u like HER!!! That's just ridiculous, so we go and tell our frens about it, i.e including Pushmatie and we laugh at u!!!!! And well if u trying to play a lil Sherlock Holmes... I sry eh, But I doh BUSS FILES. Even though girls like to gossip, we don't buss we fren's  files.... if you wanna find out sumthing about her, go and ask her plz. Allyuh real ridiculous eh! =P

           So yes that's it for now, four things that guys do that we don't get and they should stop..... In due time, I will continue this list and teach you guys how to be real men. So that one day u'll sweep the girl of ur dreams off her feet and live happily ever after... becuz alyuh too damn chupid to figure it out by alyuhself!  I rel sry for the harshness, but guys these days, most of allyuh rel gay n sad and that makes me sad =(...... but don't wry I will help you to not be gay and sad, just follow the advice =)

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