Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Topless Pics

NB: the important points of this article will be in caps and I am not randomly shouting at you =P

       So it appears that the world is on facebook - the fastest growing social network! Now reasoning only stands that if the world is seeing you... then you MUST LOOK GOOD! That's why you choose your best pic as ur profile picture and for those ppl who dont put pictures of themselves and instead they put cartoons n pics of celebrities....... why do u do that? Is it becuz u don't want creepy ppl to stalk you???? Well newsflash, without a pic of urself everybody else thinks YOU ARE A CREEPY STALKER PERSON. So to assume the role of a normal person, please put a decent pic of yourself, now see the keyword is 'DECENT'. Please note that I did not say hott or sexy or other words like that becuz facebook is not a playboy magazine and the world does not need to see u in ur booty shorts on ur bed as a first impression. And if ur like me, you may not be the best looking person out but certain angles can actually make u better looking - trust me =P. Yea so even if it's rare that u have a gud pic den leave dat gud pic as ur pro pic, so long as u look decent. Having difficulties understanding this??? Take a look at this vid =D <3<3 <3

           Now the title of this post is called 'Topless pics'and well as we discussed before... girls can't have topless pics as their pro pics because, for better choice of words - it's INDECENT. But for some reason it is rather the norm for guys to be shirtless hence society would have it that it's ok for guys to be shirtless in their pro pics. But like always, I have my own opinions; now yes it's unfair that guys can be shirtless and girls can't but thats not a justifiable reason cause I'm sure a lot of creeps out there would like to see girls topless =S.  So just cause ur a guy doesn't mean u cud go putting up shirtless pics of urself as u please, there are a few ground rules to follow and in choosing a pic if ur discretion is poor - ignore it.

Here are the RULES guys:-
 1. DO NOT  put a shirtless pro pic of urself if u are SKINNY n for some strange reason u think u have a hott body, cause honey u don't. Just cause ur skinny doesn't mean u have abs, darling dats ur ribs we're seeing and trust me, cuz I say this wit all honesty, nobody and I mean NOBODY WANTS TO SEE UR CHICKEN CHEST!
2. DO NOT put a shirtless pro pic of urself if u are FAT. Oh my! like Oh my the horrors =S - What are u people thinking?!?!?! I kno fat ppl have esteem problems becuz I am fat but, like honestly how did u think that could possibly be attractive?? I have no further comments for this except a word of advice - GO remove that pic NOW!! I don't care if u have to put up a pic of Spongebob! Just go remove it now, thank u. Now sum of u guys mite be 'big boned'[ lolz so my fren describes it] and well it may make u look fat even if u aren't- and honey u are still burning my retinas, go change ur pro pic now plz. And for those guys who are going to the gym all the time n think that they should put up pics of their gradual monthly process with the burning of the fat, the toning of the muscles, darling, sugar, honey plz wait till u reach the sculpting of the muscles.
3. If you are fat, skinny or ripped- plz wax! If u think u are a male model n wish to put up these distasteful pro pics- come on at least be professional about ur imaginary never to happen career =P
4. You may feel free to put up shirtless pics of urself if u closely, n i mean very closely resemble Jake. lolz 

            Now having a gud body doesn't mean that u can go taking shirtless pics of urself whenever and wherever u like, it just means that half the world population won't be paying psychiatric bills. Yes, u have a 6 pack n u want to get all the girls, but in all seriousness male vanity pics are a major deal breaker - unless however u look like Jake n we find u too cute to be disgusted or disturbed by ur bold self interest. But if u are at an event and IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT U ARE SHIRTLESS,  eg. The beach, and there are cameras around feel free to pose for a few pics cuz it's acceptable in my eyes. And that goes for girls too, if u are at the beach n u have a rly gud SLIM figure and even if u are rly skinny it is ok to take pics of urself in a bikini. My full figured girls, go ahead as long as u feel comfortable in a bikini, u can wear one but if u are going to put one as ur pro pic, please use ur discretion and choose one where u look rly bess or else u will give ppl sumthing to talk about. BIKINI = BEACH/ POOL--> Girls, despite looking like a supermodel in ur bikini, it does not mean that u can pose randomly in ur house wit ur bikini on and take vanity pics in ur bathroom- it can somewhat make u come off as an ATTENTION WHORE. Wen u wear a bikini and there is no water around u- it's not cool. So there u have it my views so far on facebook pro pics, you may now feel free to go and change urs now lolz. 

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