Friday, June 17, 2011

Roman Goddess

     Ok so in case you didn't already know, I like to do make up even though I'm not so great and well I think I mentioned this before... I like photography even though I ain't so great at that either. Anyways last week I got my cousin to model for me!!! Yea and it was darn hard because she doesn't like to get all dressed up so it was challenging, but I did get her to model for me... using some torturing techniques such as ice on the face =D. But I was only trying to help... even though it may sound mean=P. [I'm a very nice person btw]. So yes Shanti, much love for being my model. 
   So this is a rendition of a roman goddess, lots of gold and bronze were used in the makeup and well we didn't have such great scenery available for this shoot but I think we made pretty good use of our surroundings. And luckily she had a roman inspired top so we made good use of that as well =D. Lolz and well here are the pics =).

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