Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bad Boy Theory

        Ok, so I had this topic on my mind a while now and well I never actually got around to doing it and I keep putting it off =S. And well since CAPE is offcially over, I thought that this should be ur celebratory blog ... as it will be a break from the repetitive grads stuff, which I'm a bit sick of right now. I mean it started off fun, but I ended up looking at so many dresses just to select the nice ones to show you all, that I'm a bit sick of it and I can't quite bring myself to finish all the colors and get started on the shoes [btw I found some really awesome hott shoes that you all NEED to see! Like I just need to have them, to craddle when I'm depressed lolz]. Ok so it's like I said, I've been pondering this for a while now and then what?!? BAM! nigahiga, kevjumba and chester see collaborate on this music vid scene ' Nice Guys' and then Double BAM! ----> BAM! BAM! I'm in love <3
         Yea so I absolutely love this song, like it's stuck in my head and then I start rethinking my Bad Boy vs. Good Guy blog and it's like what the heck?! There's no better time than now. So here's the vid, you NEED to hear it  =) <3

Awesome right? Yea, that's what I thought! =P lolz. So lets get down to the nitty gritty of this blog.
               The Bad Boy Theory, is a theory that I've been working on [ rel scientist scene there]. You see it's all rather confusing, so I'll try my best to make it simple since I'm famous for confusing the hell out of people. Ok, so when a girl is presented with a bad boy and a nice guy, they quicker snatch up the bad boy. Why? I don't really know, because I think I would go for the nice guy because I know he's not a man whore and won't be a jerk, even though I think the bad boy might be better looking .... but still....I'm sure the nice guy can pull it off, as long as he's not a scrawny lil magga ting, if you know what I mean =S. Yea so the quiet guys can be cute as well. And well another reason why I had always liked the good guy is because I didn't really see and bad boy going for a girl like me, but now that I'm older and wiser... I don't really see the good guy going for me either =S lolz. Ok their choice in girls may be left for another post, right now we shall continue with my theory----> Yea, so since I'm weird, not a lot of girls think like me and they would rather the bad boy. Why?
                        Well it may be because they like the rugged look; a more mascualine man since that's how the mind works. Note: Guys are attracted to more feminine girls and girls are attracted to more masuculine guys... it's an animal instinct kinda thing, which deals with reproduction [LMAO! yea that's what happens when you watch a little too much Discovery Channel]. So besides bad boys being more physically attractive, girls also like their adventurous attitude, the whole mysterious and dangerous side to them as well as their great sense of spontaneity. So this theory has led good guys to believe that if they want to get a girl, they should be a bad boy. The problem  with this is that bad boys tend to be jerks, and after getting a surplus of 2 girls, they begin to get cocky; especially if they control the relationship. It's a really disgusting display of testosterone. They eventually become distasteful in the eyes of people like me, who orginally like the good guys. And sometimes, they try so hard to be bad that it's really a turn off and they become an untouchable [ btw an untouchable is a guy that a girl would never date/be seen with]. But the truth to this fellas, is that girls just like the bad boy appearance really and not the attitude completely, and only young girls like the bad boys and I blame that completely on cinematography for giving them that mind set. Those same girls, when they are mature, they want a good guy to settle down with; somebody who's decent, respectful and has a bright future ahead of them, A.K.A. somebody they could bring home to their parents without getting put out!!!
             So with that said, it will appear that girls prefer good guys to bad boys. And well some guys have apparently thought this whole thing through already; I take it they have nothing to do with their lives, quite like myself =P. So yes these guys try to win girls over by being nice, but it's really sad because they're soooo nice that it becomes pathetic and saddening to the point where the girl's thoughts about them travel from 'aww you're so cute' to 'aww I feel sorry for you' to 'eww you seriously need to get a life and that doesn't involve spending your day watching the Disney Chanel; cuz hun... it's slowly damaging you'. Yea so talking from the perspective of someone who likes good guys, being too good is disturbing because you remind me of a girl and I'm looking for a guy.... sry! [You NEED to strike a balance between good and bad lolz]. For example; let us take a look at these 3 guys- Star boii, Lovah boy and Steve.[ lmao, don't ask]:

Lovah boy: I nevah kiss a gyal before yuh know. Oh gosh, I so sad eh. I hope I cud kiss a gyal dis year.
Star boii: I only kiss a gyal once yuh know. Well not once eh, cuz I did kiss the same gyal more than once, is just one gyal. Oh gosh ah feeling bad tuh tell yuh dat, doh laff at meh.
Steve: Dis rel embarrassing eh hoss, and I know you gonna laff eh, but I nevah rly kiss a gyal before.

   So who would you choose? I would choose Steve and not just because he's the only person with a normal name =P. Ok so I think it's cute if a guy never kissed a girl before, and if I find a good looking guy who hasnt done that before...I'm so taking him!!! Cuz they're really hard to find lolz. So yea I wouldn't go for Star boii cuz he already kiss up some gyal and he could have Herpes for all I know =O. And well Lovah boy just rel sad!! Telling me that no girl ever kissed you makes you seem rly sad and it makes me wonder why?!  Like is there something wrong with you? Cuz if nobody wants to kiss you, there's gotta be a good reason! =S. So make it seem like your choice, and I would like to be special and not just girl of the year. And even though Steve is in the same situation as them, he's not as pathetic; so he wins =D. So being the good guy doesn't mean that you need to be really lame, it just means that you have to be sweet and sincere and open to tell her the truth. I mean if you're truly a good guy and nobody likes you... then you're probably over doing it and trying too hard. And if you're truly that sad, you can totally submit yourself to my personality rehabilitation program.
            But the line between a bad boy and a nice guy is unbelievably thin. If a good guy isn't grounded by a relationship he can become a bad boy. And a bad boy can be molded into a good guy by a girl with initiative but this transformation is highly unlikely because bad boys are the most stubborn and ignorant people ever and they will resist change. 
            And just because he's a good guy, it doesn't mean that he's incapable of hurting you nor does it mean that he's a bad boy if he does hurt you. It was probably incompatibility and a sign that your perfect other half lies somewhere else and that you just need to keep looking =).

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