Friday, May 6, 2011

Awkward Moments of CAPE

             Bwahahaha so yea, after a first few exams of CAPE, I'm sure that you probably have really good reasons as to why it rhymes with rape.  You probs came up with the true meaning of cape; such as the Caribbean Adolescents Penalization Entity, or perhaps Child Active Punishment Examination... idk I'm rly bad with coming up wit new meanings for existing acronyms lolz, I'm sure you all cant think of better crap. Well, you all remember my last CAPE post?...... Remember those lovely pencils??Especially my customized one for tetrachlorocuprate (II) {which is [CuCl4] 2- for those who didn't know, idk how to write it in scientific forms with subscript n ting lolz}?? Well yea I wrote my chem exam n yeaa.... dat pencil wudn't have helped with shit. I didn't need no pencils, I needed a friggin' brain =( . Yea so everything I learnt..... didn't come so I guess chem ppl will be seeing me next year =( [sigh* dat was rel failure thing]. Like I have nightmares where I'm walking into lessons and my lessons teacher is just disapprovingly shaking his head at me saying, "smh, smh." Yea it was dat bad. If I get a one I will be soooo surprised, seriously! I will definitely have to become more religious!!So to my future cape writers... be prepared for anything! But despite how prepared one may be for cape, there are always those special memorable moments..... those very awkward moments that you shall always cherish. So here we go with the top most awkward moments of cape, courtesy yours truly =)

Awkward Moments of C.A.P.E :-

1. The moment that the first person walks out of the exam and you're now on  #3... wda <--- happened to me.

2. The moment your friends are discussing the answer to a question and you realise that you didn't put anything close to that! <--- happened to me.

3. #2 gets even awkwarder when you realise that you forgot to do that question.

4. The moment you look up from ur paper and lock gaze with the examiner as you realise that they were just staring at you, and then you feel like a criminal. <--- happened to me.

5. The moment you read the question and you wonder to yourself..... when d arse did I learn this?

6. The moment you fall asleep in the exam and then wake up and realise that you only half hour again. <--- happened to me [ hello cs].

7. The moment after the exam when your teacher asks you, " how was the exam?", "You real lix it up!", n all you cud think is - ahem* noooooo.... but you can't say that so you just smile awkwardly n say, " it was ok."

8.The moment in which you spend 2 minutes to tick the gender box on the cover page, just so that you don't accidentally tick the wrong one in the haste; but eventually you spend too much time and it looks like you're having a hard decision. <--- happened to me [ examiner saw =S].

9. The moment you realise that the question you chose to answer is really hard compared to the other choice, but you're already in too deep and it's too late to change. <--- happened to me.

10. The moment before the exam when you are hoping that it's just like CXC, but then you realise.... it's not!

11. The moment you get a multiple choice and think wda is this?!!? Bring back a next paper 2 dey!

12. The moment that you wish Caribbean Studies paper 1 was a multiple choice.

13. The moment that you realise that questions don't repeat like in CXC.

14. The moment you have to tell your parents that you didn't do so great in a subject, which they have been paying to send you to lessons all year so that they won't have to hear that in the first place. <--- happened to me. [felt rellll bad].

15. The moment you repeat an exam and realised that you shit dis up for a second time.

16. The moment you think you rel prepared for an exam, feelin' rel ready and then you walk out after and all you cud think is 'oh eff!' <--- happened to me.

17. The moment all that water you drank to keep yourself alert finally gets to you- that you need to pee sooo bad that you can't think but don't wanna leave the exam room, so you just end up as the fool rel shakin' up your legs like you catching the power.

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