Friday, May 27, 2011

Grads 2011

      Hmmm so guess what folks.... May is almost done and that means that it's almost June ... and that means that Graduation season it almost here! Well I graduated last year and it feels like just yesterday, so I can pretty much remember everything lolz. So yes, I know that its grads and you want to look absolutely stunning, and well exams are almost done and you can't wait to start going dress shopping... if you haven't already. Many of you probably already have that image of that perfect dream dress in your head, but if you're anything like me... what you're thinking of is really exquisite and designers probably haven't thought of it yet or if they have, it most likely cost 2 horses, a car and a leg. =S. So you want to look gorgeous and be cost efficient and well in Trinidad.... that's pretty darn hard to do! If not impractical. My best advice is; if you have famz coming down to Trinidad ask them to buy stuff like jewelery and accessories up there for you; it'll be cheaper, prettier, and well there's a great chance that you'll be the only one wearing it, but for them to buy your dress is a bit risky since you don't know how it will fit.
    So to help you through these hard times of finding that right dress and looking truly bess, Hindi Bindi is here to help =). Hindi Bindi cares about you and doesn't want you and your date to come across like this on that special day....

I rel find meh gyal cudda use d rest of the fabric to complete she dress not make a shawl-thing lolz.

I ain't go lie, this is realll swag! Way to provide for two woman one time!!! lolz but still I do not encourage it =S [ Allyuh doh find he favritising he blue gyal more, with 2 blue shoes!!!]

     We want ur night to be far from disaster and well form sixers have had first hand experience already and have most likely learnt from there mistakes but still, we're here to help all of you, so keeping reading from now till grads for posts and tidbits to a memorable grads. =)

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