Tuesday, May 3, 2011


        So wow! I have CAPE right now, wrote two of my exams earlier today and while I was trying to prepare... keyword being 'trying', I couldn't help but think about my next blog.[That's probably why I didn't do so great and I don't feel so great either but as you can see that hasn't persuaded me to study]. And well I really couldn't help myself but to put up a blog today!!!!..... Even though I should be studying for chem which is Thursday =S Anyways I really needed to blog and since to give you one of my long inspirational advices would be rather too long and inspirational for the time allocated to me, I'm just making this some what random post lolz. So yea here are some really lovely pics which I think totally describe my situation when it comes to school and exams =)

Pencils like this couldn't hurt. Somebody say where's my pencil showing me the complex for tetrachlorocuprate (II)?? Ok maybe somtehing harder than that.. like the ones I can't 
remember right now.

 Feeling like the unexpected one even though I was expecting this since last year =/

Ahh the price we pay for procrastination. Btw future CAPE people... don't procrastinate [ should rly be taking my own advice]

Yes, in tribute to the fine crap you write when you don't know the answer.

Yes it says the creative process, but if you replace work with studying you will find that this is totally true[ well for me that is - story of my life] And well the inspiration to study is probs a smaller angle lolz.

Crisis is where I am and well repeat is what I don't want.

Ahhh well it all comes down to this..... Just screw CAPE cuz imma be off to Hogwarts, to bad its gonna be totally destroyed in the war [ sumbody say HP7 prt 2 =D]

Lolz so anyways.... despite all of that we still have to write exams... so all the best my people. Despite whatever crap you may have done today, you have other exams to pass so Good Luck =).  [all my CXC ppl as well lolz]

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