Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grads dresses: Yellow


 "yellow is know as the happiest color of all and brings out the positive side in you. It's a color of power and is said to inspire creativity; which explains the yellow sticky notes and legal pads. Originally the color was difficult to pull off and not much widely worn, but now the color is much liked and a must have in a wardrobe." - FW Editor.

       So I guess yellow can be a questionable color, especially when considering your complexion. But there are many shades of yellow, so you just have to find the right one in the right material because a bright sunshine yellow satin dress is pretty questionable for almost everybody. Do not fear the dahl color my friends because it may be more flattering than you think. And a plus... since a lot of people are afraid of wearing yellow and don't like yellow, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to have a one of a kind dress and really stand out from the crowd.

From sherrihill.com

Chiffon Short Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Cheap A Line Yellow 2011 Prom Dress PD-1012231147

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