Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Grads hairstyle

Ok, so talking from personal experience, you can have the hottest outfit and look really pretty but when it comes to hair, a lot of emphasis needs to be put 'hair' [lmao punny =P]. So yea while everything else is most likely to co-operate with you, your hair may not be so willing! You need to fight frizz, avoid getting it wet when you just got it straightened [talk about timing for little drizzles of rain], avoid it uncurling and try not to touch it too much. Ah yes hair, makes you wish it wasn't there at times, but darn it looks so good when tame you just gotta keep it! 
So at least 2 weeks before the big day you want to make any major changes; this involves hair coloring, highlights, chemical straightening/curling  and haircuts. This way you can get used to your changes, fix anything ahead of time and do little necessary touch ups well in advance of grads. You want to practice doing your hair some days in advance if you're doing it yourself. This is so that by the time the day comes, you'll be like a semi pro hairdresser, you'll know whether or not it looks good and you would have had time to change your mind and well to avoid having a major catastrophe occurring on that day, basically. If you're going to the salon then just print out a pic of what you want done, and I'm sure your stylist will make u stylish! =P. So if you have an appointment, ideally it should be for around 1:30.... but times are hard when your hairdresser is booked, so you should really try to book early lolz. If you're doing your own hair, you want to shower and then start your hair around 4 [do hair before makeup]. Be sure to wear a button front shirt, so you don't mess up your hair.
But most of us truly don't know what to do with this thing called hair, sooooo I found these cute hairstyles that are total prom friendly and they look pretty simple to do on your own. 
So leaving you hair open is a bit over done even though it's simple and pretty, but why not do a cute side pony thing?! It's young yet it looks classy.

Or this?!?! lolz I guess you would describe this as a loosely clipped up ...half up half down? Idk     but I LIKE IT! lolz.

Or a sophisticated side pony tail which is rarely done but it's cute and practical especially when dancing.

Or you could just clip it all up. Though this is a bit more difficult to do if you're doing your own hair, but practice makes perfect =).

This hairstyle looks so roman goddess-ish especially with that headband [<3], it would be really cool if paired with a roman inspired dress [ go see Grads: White dresses, if you have no idea what I'm talking about].

        Ok so why just curls, why not add a lovely clip or head band to your do? Flowers.... Get creative!

The Pompadour!! Glamorous yet rocker chic, you could leave your hair open, tie it up... it just opens up so many possibilities!

Ok so people like to color their hair these rad colors for grads! Usually one matching their dress, but you know how they say too much of a good thing is bad?! So it can be too much, sometimes so why not go for a complimentary color? But even if you are going to go all blue or all purple, why just streaks? Why not portions of hair if not the whole thing?! Idk but having purple hair seems pretty cool. But it would be hard for people with black hair to do this since you would have to go completely blonde first =( [darn it!]. So why not go for 2 colors?! Pink and blue make purple ! So why not do that and skip the same ol' one color thing?!?! And it looks rly cute, with just bangs.

So we're back to the case of accessorizing your hair with clips, flowers, a wreath, feathers, shells, A TIARA!  The thing about tiaras is that you need to consider the tiara: head ratio. You cant have a pretty big head or big hair and buy those tiny arse tiaras they sell in Wonderful World, despite the fact that they're the most wallet friendly. If that's the case well forget about the tiara, you can so rock a clip or rose instead!

This pic pretty much says it all [nicely done, drawer of this pic].

Well well looky here... Braids are soo in!!! That's the trend these days, and well it's pretty practical; a plait for casual events and a french braid for more formal events. I would know since I took to this hairstyle since my hair has gotten long n poofy, it's the only way to tame to the beast lolz. Smh and you thought plaits were just for coolies. So this is pretty easy to do yourself, and you can spruce it up with the any of the things previously mentioned.

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