Friday, July 1, 2011

Why am I Single?

    So it has been on my mind recently that I'm currently single. Ahhh who am I kidding I've been single for a long time now, well pretty much since ever... unless you want to count secretly dating Jake and Tom but let's just pretend that I didn't say that =S. So yes I'm single and well one of the questions I like to ask myself is 'WHY?'. Why am I single? I mean I'm no different from the people that are in relationships... we're all human, we all bleed don't we? [well let's just hope so =S] So why is it every one can find somebody except me? So I can't deny that I have thought long and good about the answer to that and well there are numerable reasons as to why I'm still single. For example I don't want my parents to kill me because I'm that much afraid of them lolz [Good Indian Parenting lmao]. Also another reason could be that I'm really short. Like omfg, I'm so bloody short it's a shame. I look like a flippin' hobbit from middle earth!!! So I guess I should be looking for a guy who loves Lord of the Rings right? Well wrong because I have standards to be met and if you don't make the cut then sorry. Oh and another reason is probably because I'm such a beeotch. [Sad truth =|]
      So why have I truly been thinking about this crap, well I was bored as usual and I found this sight called reasonsyimsingle and I was looking through it and well I could pretty much relate to some of these stuff and most of them are very true!!! So here's the link, maybe you can check it out and see why you're still single! [and well if you're not single.... check it out anyway]. 
So having been on the site, I can say that these are the reasons why I am Single:

Ok so even though I deny it, I guess I can be pretty weird sometimes and well I guess that scares the guys away lolz [way to go, pat your self on the back =/]

Well as hard as it is for them to admit.... truth is, I'm just too cool and well it's hard for people to digest that.

No joke here. I get the weirdos! So like, maybe if I had one decent guy that was attracted to me ...then ok maybe but noooo I have to get the creepy vagrants =(. [fml moment]

Umm pretty much says it all not so?

Well I don't want to settle for anything just not to be single. It's not like it's some sort of burden.. no I enjoy being single! [No I'm not just saying that because I'm single and I want to hide to pain of my heartache.... it's honestly no big deal ppl] So you're probably wondering 'Well then, why the hell are you blogging about this?!'.... Truth is I'm just curious that's all and I have nothing better to do with my life =). And well since I don't mind being single I guess I can wait for that perfect someone =).

Well durr I'm not supermodel material so what does that tell you?

Ahh truer words were never spoken. I'm just a very awkward person and I make everything pretty awkward which is not good for conversation and small talk... trust me.

Well, who isn't?

I'm a busy busy person, and I can't be distracted by such petty things, sry. =P

Umm... just to bring home this statement because of it's extreme accuracy.... I have too much swagger!!! lolz

In a very non-psychotic way, one day Jake or Tom will accidentally stumble upon this blog and realize that I'm their soul mate [if they both happen to find me simultaneously... sharing is caring! LMFAO] and we'll live happily ever after =D [lmao ok don't worry, that's not my train of thought... there's no need to call the cops ppl =P]

Well I'm not fond of meeting/talking/being with new people =/. Idk some people just have negative annoying vibes, you know what I mean?!?! Like I could call names but then that would make me like a cyber bully or something [lolz peer helpers news papers]. Btw I'm a genuinely nice person so if you don't know me as yet, don't think that I'm horrible... that was directed only to the few jerks that I know =).

So this is the whole 'all girl school' stereotype =(. Sigh* if you are one of those people that think of anybody who attends a same sex school as gay, then honestly you are a very sad person! Very very sad. It's the most annoying statement ever, you can't please anybody; it's either you're a hoe or a lesbo =| smh*

Hell yea! Ok so despite my short size, which denies me the ability to look like a whole human... people are afraid of me. I think guys run and scream when they hear my name, now I want to know why?!?! Like why are they afraid, I'm perfectly harmless... like a little Chiuaua [except cuter =P]. So if anybody can answer this question I would greatly appreciate it. Unless they are afraid of my freakishly short size, like a lil Chucky scene or something idk.

Well I guess that's what you call/categorize people that would never think of dating you lolz. cough* cough* this doesn't apply to Jake and Tom... they're in my league ok =P jk jk.

Sigh* ok well I'm just going to admit this... I'm cold, sorta heartless and brutal. Kinda explains a lot lolz.

Lolz... well.... well.... ok well I guess I'm just looking for someone with a greater IQ than me who isn't cocky and jerky about it. And you would think that should not be hard to find smh*

Well Chocolate never fails to make me happy and well most people just won't be able to live up to those high standards =/.

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