Monday, February 14, 2011

Be mine this Valentines.... [Lolz it rhymes]

              Well today is the much anticipated Valentine's Day I have so long awaited and I must say it didn't live up to my expectations. Idk, I guess  put a lot of thought into it, so I was hoping it wud be gud but umm no. Well it wasn't horrible, I can't complain, but it could have been better.=(
So firstly my parents don't love me that much cuz they didn't buy me chocolate =( But I did get Chinese food!!! Honestly, my parents are really weird! They celebrate everything with Chinese food!!! I'm not lying, for example when I passed S.E.A - I got Chinese food. For my 15th birthday - I got Chinese food. When I graduated - I got Chinese food. When I got 8 distinctions - I got Chinese food!!!! But hey what can I say, I like Chinese food. Hmm well I got 4 chocolates and a candy - not rly a successful day wudn't u say? Thnk God it wasn't Halloween or else that would be shameful. I think next Valentine's I'm gonna need bf lolz, so I cud probably get a big chocolate or perhaps 6 chocolates =D.Oh and there was this rly pretty card, wish I had a pic of it but I don't =(. Yea it was rly pretty;black and pink emblazoned with silver metallic swirls and flourishes and studded with silver rhinestones! It was love at first sight but it was $45 and umm I'm not that good to buy that for myself =S So yea I guess I rly need dat bf den =/. SO yea it was pretty boring I had fun making V-day FaceinHoles[ you should try it, it's pretty addictive], not much else to talk about, hopefully next year is better lolz. Oh and just a little pointer, I may be antisocial but I'm quite talkative. Idk if that makes sense but my rule is- I don't talk to you, You talk to me. Yes it's mean, but as guys it's your job to initiate a conversation - but this is obviously  a topic for a next blog so till denn... XOXO [becuz today is Valentine's] <3

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Special

           Heyy well it's Valentine's day eve!! Yea I know I'm making a big deal of it, but it's only once every year- so why not make a big deal out of it?? And yea well I know a lot of people are hating on V-day but idk why. Yes I know the whole  'I hate V-day, couples suck, nobody to share it with' and sum people even go as far as to say 'luv stinks!'. But I don't think being single should make anyone view v-day negatively lolz. I'm sure everyone's got someone to luv them, even if it's not a significant other, we all have friends! Don't we??? Wellz idk bout every one else but I kinda rly like Valentine's Day. Think about it, it's one of those days where you can eat as much chocolate as possible without feeling bad or guilty, just think about how bad ur friends would feel if they gave u chocolate and u refuse it!! They'd feel hurt, so pretty much I'm being a better person, and sharing love by eating chocolate, I honestly can't complain about that. And well yea in case u were wondering, I'm a 'V-day loner' but hey it's cool I have friends to share it with and hopefully my parents love me and buy me chocolate =D. As u figured , I'm just in it for the chocolate, I mean they should just call it World Chocolate Day! Hey that's a pretty good idea, I wonder if it actually exists?? After all they have cow appreciation day =S But I'm a Hindu so I guess I rly should be appreciating the cows! So yea I'm kinda excited, I went to buy chocolate for my peeps today, hopefully it tastes nice. I mean chocolate is the only universal thing in this world [I think I should just call this post Chocolate instead =S], who doesn't like chocolate??? There's only one person in this world I know who doesn't like chocolate![It's sad, but it's because they're lactose intolerant =( Poor them, Thank God I have no allergies] Cause I mean not everyone's gonna like flowers, like my mom doesn't appreciate flowers all that much so I can save money like that lolz. What else can u give anybody??? Idk but I found this rly cute paper clip thing where u can make regular paper clips into hearts =D <3
Heart Paper Clips <3
       I think it's rly cute! Fellas this is not the way into ur girls heart btw! It's almost as equivalent to buying her a pack of cheers or picking her sum wild bush =S While yes, those gestures mite be nice on a regular day, on V-day ur expected to splurge - after all its only once a year. Its cute for love notes tho..... Yea u kno lil secret admirer thingies... But who does that anymore?? Idk - I kinda go to an all girl school n yea we do it for fun, write a lil luv notes, tell each other how we were meant to be like channa and baara - signed ur secret admirer... But do guys actually do  that still?? Idk I just figured sum ppl are as bold and as brave as to write their name. MUCH Respect to them! So yea how do u ppl feel about recieving secret love notes??? Idk I'm pretty freaked out by it, cuz I kno with all my heart that the person who sent it is not the person I want it to be from =S So I'm not a big fan, and instead of being all happy and loved when I receive them, instead I treat it like it's a suspected bomb and open it wit as much caution and fear as possible. But then again I dont rly get those stuff except form my occassionally gay friends if anything, so not quite sure why I'm complaining lolz. Orrr u can get creative like I did! Yea well I like V-day, and well I LOVE GLITTER! So I smushed them together to create the ultimate lolz!! 

Glitter Heart Lollipops
                 Take a look at them! I covered little red Styrofoam hearts on sticks with glitter, so they look like little glitterized lollipops! Somebody say  'FLAIRIES!' - from Barbie's Fashion Fairytale?!?!?!?!?[ Yea I'm 17 and I watched it cuz I'm bad like that!] Lolz well I like them, I hope my lovers like them as well. Yes, my lovers! I must say guys, having a lot of girls for V-day is a bit demanding on the pocket u know, cuz I don't have a significant other so I'm forced to luv all of them the same lolz. So note to u all -don't be a player unless u can afford it !! =D Lotz of luv XOXO [ thats just becuz is V-day eve -I'm not loving by nature =(]

Friday, February 11, 2011

Carnival Genesis- They can't be serious with this!

 So Carnival is just around the corner, yes it's in March but we all know how quick that's gonna come! And everybody's going to the gym to get slim n trim for their costumes lolz, hmm I'm sure sum people regretting that Christmas ham now!! So yuh getting ready to look bess fuh ur costume but wat band yuh playin' in?? Definitely not Genesis! I hope I don't get killed for this, but did u see those costumes?? Carnival Genesis launched 'The Nest' which without a doubt is nothing but a mess. The Nest is a roosting for disaster with the costume designs based on various birds. Now that idea rel rel lame! BIRDS! U serious?!?! NAH! I doh wah be a bird!! But I must say it  has potential I guess, but those designs?? WHOAA!! And so they say; ALL Designs are property of Nina & Ian McKenzie, umm yea I wudn't be so proud as to say ALL designs by me if u know what I mean...... Aha so people, probably think I'm exaggerating n well some of u mite actually like these designs so u cud check it out at this link ---->

 But in my opinion, all I could think is OMG!!! Take for example the section 'Guardians of the Nest VVIP': Now I'm guessing VVIP stands for very very important person idk, but seriously if I was that important I would be caught dead in this! The color is nice I guess, the headpiece is retarded, idk but I'm just not feeling that empty space in the middle. I'm more of a fan of full head pieces! Those wings look horrible, like firstly they're different lengths and secondly wat kinda material is dat??? Looks like garbage bag to me =( And u want me to pay $5500 for this??? Suree...... And wth is wit that bra piece?? Its made of wire and a few beads-Like all ur boobs outside man![Freakay!] =S I'm definitely not a fan of this!

 So like I said earlier, the band idea has potential as this section is called 'Two Toned Peacock'. Now peacocks are pretty birds, and their plumage gives any design a lot of potential and should be able to inspire any designer but obviously not the McKenzies. How that white looking like it buss out from no where just so just so!?!?! That head piece rel disappointing jed =( Plus those white feathers looking dutty!
And what is with the twisted piece of fabric attaching the bra to the underwear piece??Talk about - " boss wat shud we do wit these scrap pieces of cloth? " "IDK!  Chook it in anywhere nah!" - random much? Talk bout FAIL! And well the hummingbird is a nice bird too with its emerald green and violet color which I think looks nice together, but u should see what they did!I'm not even going to put up a pic of that one cuz it's disappointing and lemme just say... they used lime green! And well this is also goin for $5000 a the most. Sooo wouldn't spend my money on that!

And well if ur a man.. things only get worse! Ummm wth is dis?? Does dis qualify as a costume??? I think not! This costume in $2100. Yes u are paying $2100 for a red shorts and some feathers, lemme change that some to a few! Yea this rel sad, like I don't even know wat to say to this! That head  piece looks like something I made for primary school mas =(  Seriously I think it looks like its worth $100! Well fellas I guess u just paying $2000 to wine up on sum nice ting Monday n Tuesday. Worth it?? Idk, u tell me sigh*

Ahahahah Well this one take d cake!! This is the teen section called 'Wet Fowl'! Ahaha need I say more?? The female is $2200 and male is $2000, how does that sound to u? I mean the female one is so simple that there's not much to screw up on so I guess it's ok, But that head piece looks soo scraggly! I soo not puting that on my head! Lolz and the male, this time ur paying $2000 for an orange shorts and sum foil, I'm not even goin to call those things on the head piece feathers cuz it's a rel fail ting. Like seriosuly they do this one rel gud, Cuz them seriously looking like wet fowl! Especially with the head piece =(

      Ahhh well we know this not taking home band of the year at all jed. Sry Genesis, maybe 2012 will carry u through some better ideas =(  But I guess in the end ur costume doesn't rly matter cuz it's gonna end up on the streets anyway, and its all about the fun rite? rite??? pshh hell no I wanna look bess!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why Blog??

         So perhaps I'm a bit disturbed rite now.... You kno I was browsing thru blogs when I shud have been doin sumthing constructive per-say studying for cape?? Well well, I must say I didn't come across come I like, sry ppl! =S But its true, lets see about 55% of all the blogs I went on belonged to mothers, who post pictures of their children and make crafts at home and post them on their blogs, don't get me wrong I luv myself sum lil cute babies and crafts but umm not all the time. And well the 35% belonged to very religious ppl spreading the word of God, don't get me wrong again cause I luv myself sum God. And well the other 9% belonged to people like myself with nothing better to do dan share their life stories with the world.... And for a moment I was very hypocritical cuz I was thinking' wow u ppl are lameeee but then I remembered I have one =S But not to sound vain I think my life is far more interesting than theirs. I mean I was reading this one and this lady was talking about how she wishes she was Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.... like whoaaa take it easy there Katy Perry yea she's cool luv how she rocks those wigs but seriously lady gaga??? ummm uhhhhh yeaa sureee... whatever u say =S And it was rather not pretty, call me superficial or wat not but I like a pretty site. And well I'm hoping ppl find myself more interesting than I found theirs [vanity moment?] 
          Why?? Idk, I mean who else will tell you that last weekend she went shopping with her mom and well she was in the children's section and found a Barbie coloring book. No she didn't want it for herself she wanted to buy it for the little girl she teaches almost every Wednesday =/ It was either Barbie or Hannah Montana and well I like Barbie and so shud she and even though she likes Hannah Montana... I don't and umm dat coloring book was scary ok. HM looked pretty freaky n I didn't wanna be responsible for that child not sleeping well at  nite!!!And plus the Barbie one came with stickersss!!! Talk bout AWESOME!! So yea I carried the book for my mom to cash for it so I'm asking her if I can get it in a rly retarded baby-ish voice- don't ask why because even I don't kno why, it just happened! So there I was repeatedly saying "Mommy I cud get this?" "Mommy I cud get this?", but my mom wasn't taking me on.. nothing new there! Yea my mom has a tendency to ignore me even though I'm right beside her, loving parents I say... just loving =) So after but 5 times I get annoyed and look up and yeaa that wasn't my mom =S So I just backed away slowly and in my sanest voice said, "Sorry wrong person." Yeaaa so now dat lady probs thinks I'm retarded, I mean wat wud u think if u saw this big ass girl asking u for a rly childish Barbie coloring book in a baby voice?? Yea my thoughts exactly.
             Oh yea and before I forget, that  other 1% of blogs were depressed ppl or satanic worshipers but there was this one dat belonged to a depressed satanic worshiper and umm yea it scared the crap out of me ! =S Jesus save me<3!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Need a Date for the Masquerade Ball??

   Hey well I'm so sorry dat dis has to be my first post on this bloggy thing but hey wth. Soooo as u all probably kno the masquerade ball is coming up and well  u know sum of al yuh fellas rel sad n don't have a date n ting as yet. Jokes jokes allyuh not sad just rell saddd... ok lolz jk jk. Well here's wat I kno d seas rough dis time around but have no fear Gaymerz date services is here!!! So yes urs truly and mangal are bringing the hottest dates to u becuz u can't find one for urself =( Ok ok I'm being mean, no seriously Exams around d corner u rel busy to go an sweet talk a girl so u want to do a lil online shopping no scene. We have d best in the west! So here's how it is rite, we have our girl for the day n well u vote in the voting box or leave a comment if u like her or not and if there's too many interested people we'll have an auction n d highest bidder wins k =D With just the click of ur mouse or mouse thingy if ur on ur laptop, a Cinderella can be urs,  lolz interested??