Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Special

           Heyy well it's Valentine's day eve!! Yea I know I'm making a big deal of it, but it's only once every year- so why not make a big deal out of it?? And yea well I know a lot of people are hating on V-day but idk why. Yes I know the whole  'I hate V-day, couples suck, nobody to share it with' and sum people even go as far as to say 'luv stinks!'. But I don't think being single should make anyone view v-day negatively lolz. I'm sure everyone's got someone to luv them, even if it's not a significant other, we all have friends! Don't we??? Wellz idk bout every one else but I kinda rly like Valentine's Day. Think about it, it's one of those days where you can eat as much chocolate as possible without feeling bad or guilty, just think about how bad ur friends would feel if they gave u chocolate and u refuse it!! They'd feel hurt, so pretty much I'm being a better person, and sharing love by eating chocolate, I honestly can't complain about that. And well yea in case u were wondering, I'm a 'V-day loner' but hey it's cool I have friends to share it with and hopefully my parents love me and buy me chocolate =D. As u figured , I'm just in it for the chocolate, I mean they should just call it World Chocolate Day! Hey that's a pretty good idea, I wonder if it actually exists?? After all they have cow appreciation day =S But I'm a Hindu so I guess I rly should be appreciating the cows! So yea I'm kinda excited, I went to buy chocolate for my peeps today, hopefully it tastes nice. I mean chocolate is the only universal thing in this world [I think I should just call this post Chocolate instead =S], who doesn't like chocolate??? There's only one person in this world I know who doesn't like chocolate![It's sad, but it's because they're lactose intolerant =( Poor them, Thank God I have no allergies] Cause I mean not everyone's gonna like flowers, like my mom doesn't appreciate flowers all that much so I can save money like that lolz. What else can u give anybody??? Idk but I found this rly cute paper clip thing where u can make regular paper clips into hearts =D <3
Heart Paper Clips <3
       I think it's rly cute! Fellas this is not the way into ur girls heart btw! It's almost as equivalent to buying her a pack of cheers or picking her sum wild bush =S While yes, those gestures mite be nice on a regular day, on V-day ur expected to splurge - after all its only once a year. Its cute for love notes tho..... Yea u kno lil secret admirer thingies... But who does that anymore?? Idk - I kinda go to an all girl school n yea we do it for fun, write a lil luv notes, tell each other how we were meant to be like channa and baara - signed ur secret admirer... But do guys actually do  that still?? Idk I just figured sum ppl are as bold and as brave as to write their name. MUCH Respect to them! So yea how do u ppl feel about recieving secret love notes??? Idk I'm pretty freaked out by it, cuz I kno with all my heart that the person who sent it is not the person I want it to be from =S So I'm not a big fan, and instead of being all happy and loved when I receive them, instead I treat it like it's a suspected bomb and open it wit as much caution and fear as possible. But then again I dont rly get those stuff except form my occassionally gay friends if anything, so not quite sure why I'm complaining lolz. Orrr u can get creative like I did! Yea well I like V-day, and well I LOVE GLITTER! So I smushed them together to create the ultimate lolz!! 

Glitter Heart Lollipops
                 Take a look at them! I covered little red Styrofoam hearts on sticks with glitter, so they look like little glitterized lollipops! Somebody say  'FLAIRIES!' - from Barbie's Fashion Fairytale?!?!?!?!?[ Yea I'm 17 and I watched it cuz I'm bad like that!] Lolz well I like them, I hope my lovers like them as well. Yes, my lovers! I must say guys, having a lot of girls for V-day is a bit demanding on the pocket u know, cuz I don't have a significant other so I'm forced to luv all of them the same lolz. So note to u all -don't be a player unless u can afford it !! =D Lotz of luv XOXO [ thats just becuz is V-day eve -I'm not loving by nature =(]

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