Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Need a Date for the Masquerade Ball??

   Hey well I'm so sorry dat dis has to be my first post on this bloggy thing but hey wth. Soooo as u all probably kno the masquerade ball is coming up and well  u know sum of al yuh fellas rel sad n don't have a date n ting as yet. Jokes jokes allyuh not sad just rell saddd... ok lolz jk jk. Well here's wat I kno d seas rough dis time around but have no fear Gaymerz date services is here!!! So yes urs truly and mangal are bringing the hottest dates to u becuz u can't find one for urself =( Ok ok I'm being mean, no seriously Exams around d corner u rel busy to go an sweet talk a girl so u want to do a lil online shopping no scene. We have d best in the west! So here's how it is rite, we have our girl for the day n well u vote in the voting box or leave a comment if u like her or not and if there's too many interested people we'll have an auction n d highest bidder wins k =D With just the click of ur mouse or mouse thingy if ur on ur laptop, a Cinderella can be urs,  lolz interested??

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