Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why Blog??

         So perhaps I'm a bit disturbed rite now.... You kno I was browsing thru blogs when I shud have been doin sumthing constructive per-say studying for cape?? Well well, I must say I didn't come across come I like, sry ppl! =S But its true, lets see about 55% of all the blogs I went on belonged to mothers, who post pictures of their children and make crafts at home and post them on their blogs, don't get me wrong I luv myself sum lil cute babies and crafts but umm not all the time. And well the 35% belonged to very religious ppl spreading the word of God, don't get me wrong again cause I luv myself sum God. And well the other 9% belonged to people like myself with nothing better to do dan share their life stories with the world.... And for a moment I was very hypocritical cuz I was thinking' wow u ppl are lameeee but then I remembered I have one =S But not to sound vain I think my life is far more interesting than theirs. I mean I was reading this one and this lady was talking about how she wishes she was Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.... like whoaaa take it easy there Katy Perry yea she's cool luv how she rocks those wigs but seriously lady gaga??? ummm uhhhhh yeaa sureee... whatever u say =S And it was rather not pretty, call me superficial or wat not but I like a pretty site. And well I'm hoping ppl find myself more interesting than I found theirs [vanity moment?] 
          Why?? Idk, I mean who else will tell you that last weekend she went shopping with her mom and well she was in the children's section and found a Barbie coloring book. No she didn't want it for herself she wanted to buy it for the little girl she teaches almost every Wednesday =/ It was either Barbie or Hannah Montana and well I like Barbie and so shud she and even though she likes Hannah Montana... I don't and umm dat coloring book was scary ok. HM looked pretty freaky n I didn't wanna be responsible for that child not sleeping well at  nite!!!And plus the Barbie one came with stickersss!!! Talk bout AWESOME!! So yea I carried the book for my mom to cash for it so I'm asking her if I can get it in a rly retarded baby-ish voice- don't ask why because even I don't kno why, it just happened! So there I was repeatedly saying "Mommy I cud get this?" "Mommy I cud get this?", but my mom wasn't taking me on.. nothing new there! Yea my mom has a tendency to ignore me even though I'm right beside her, loving parents I say... just loving =) So after but 5 times I get annoyed and look up and yeaa that wasn't my mom =S So I just backed away slowly and in my sanest voice said, "Sorry wrong person." Yeaaa so now dat lady probs thinks I'm retarded, I mean wat wud u think if u saw this big ass girl asking u for a rly childish Barbie coloring book in a baby voice?? Yea my thoughts exactly.
             Oh yea and before I forget, that  other 1% of blogs were depressed ppl or satanic worshipers but there was this one dat belonged to a depressed satanic worshiper and umm yea it scared the crap out of me ! =S Jesus save me<3!

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