Friday, February 11, 2011

Carnival Genesis- They can't be serious with this!

 So Carnival is just around the corner, yes it's in March but we all know how quick that's gonna come! And everybody's going to the gym to get slim n trim for their costumes lolz, hmm I'm sure sum people regretting that Christmas ham now!! So yuh getting ready to look bess fuh ur costume but wat band yuh playin' in?? Definitely not Genesis! I hope I don't get killed for this, but did u see those costumes?? Carnival Genesis launched 'The Nest' which without a doubt is nothing but a mess. The Nest is a roosting for disaster with the costume designs based on various birds. Now that idea rel rel lame! BIRDS! U serious?!?! NAH! I doh wah be a bird!! But I must say it  has potential I guess, but those designs?? WHOAA!! And so they say; ALL Designs are property of Nina & Ian McKenzie, umm yea I wudn't be so proud as to say ALL designs by me if u know what I mean...... Aha so people, probably think I'm exaggerating n well some of u mite actually like these designs so u cud check it out at this link ---->

 But in my opinion, all I could think is OMG!!! Take for example the section 'Guardians of the Nest VVIP': Now I'm guessing VVIP stands for very very important person idk, but seriously if I was that important I would be caught dead in this! The color is nice I guess, the headpiece is retarded, idk but I'm just not feeling that empty space in the middle. I'm more of a fan of full head pieces! Those wings look horrible, like firstly they're different lengths and secondly wat kinda material is dat??? Looks like garbage bag to me =( And u want me to pay $5500 for this??? Suree...... And wth is wit that bra piece?? Its made of wire and a few beads-Like all ur boobs outside man![Freakay!] =S I'm definitely not a fan of this!

 So like I said earlier, the band idea has potential as this section is called 'Two Toned Peacock'. Now peacocks are pretty birds, and their plumage gives any design a lot of potential and should be able to inspire any designer but obviously not the McKenzies. How that white looking like it buss out from no where just so just so!?!?! That head piece rel disappointing jed =( Plus those white feathers looking dutty!
And what is with the twisted piece of fabric attaching the bra to the underwear piece??Talk about - " boss wat shud we do wit these scrap pieces of cloth? " "IDK!  Chook it in anywhere nah!" - random much? Talk bout FAIL! And well the hummingbird is a nice bird too with its emerald green and violet color which I think looks nice together, but u should see what they did!I'm not even going to put up a pic of that one cuz it's disappointing and lemme just say... they used lime green! And well this is also goin for $5000 a the most. Sooo wouldn't spend my money on that!

And well if ur a man.. things only get worse! Ummm wth is dis?? Does dis qualify as a costume??? I think not! This costume in $2100. Yes u are paying $2100 for a red shorts and some feathers, lemme change that some to a few! Yea this rel sad, like I don't even know wat to say to this! That head  piece looks like something I made for primary school mas =(  Seriously I think it looks like its worth $100! Well fellas I guess u just paying $2000 to wine up on sum nice ting Monday n Tuesday. Worth it?? Idk, u tell me sigh*

Ahahahah Well this one take d cake!! This is the teen section called 'Wet Fowl'! Ahaha need I say more?? The female is $2200 and male is $2000, how does that sound to u? I mean the female one is so simple that there's not much to screw up on so I guess it's ok, But that head piece looks soo scraggly! I soo not puting that on my head! Lolz and the male, this time ur paying $2000 for an orange shorts and sum foil, I'm not even goin to call those things on the head piece feathers cuz it's a rel fail ting. Like seriosuly they do this one rel gud, Cuz them seriously looking like wet fowl! Especially with the head piece =(

      Ahhh well we know this not taking home band of the year at all jed. Sry Genesis, maybe 2012 will carry u through some better ideas =(  But I guess in the end ur costume doesn't rly matter cuz it's gonna end up on the streets anyway, and its all about the fun rite? rite??? pshh hell no I wanna look bess!!!

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