Monday, February 14, 2011

Be mine this Valentines.... [Lolz it rhymes]

              Well today is the much anticipated Valentine's Day I have so long awaited and I must say it didn't live up to my expectations. Idk, I guess  put a lot of thought into it, so I was hoping it wud be gud but umm no. Well it wasn't horrible, I can't complain, but it could have been better.=(
So firstly my parents don't love me that much cuz they didn't buy me chocolate =( But I did get Chinese food!!! Honestly, my parents are really weird! They celebrate everything with Chinese food!!! I'm not lying, for example when I passed S.E.A - I got Chinese food. For my 15th birthday - I got Chinese food. When I graduated - I got Chinese food. When I got 8 distinctions - I got Chinese food!!!! But hey what can I say, I like Chinese food. Hmm well I got 4 chocolates and a candy - not rly a successful day wudn't u say? Thnk God it wasn't Halloween or else that would be shameful. I think next Valentine's I'm gonna need bf lolz, so I cud probably get a big chocolate or perhaps 6 chocolates =D.Oh and there was this rly pretty card, wish I had a pic of it but I don't =(. Yea it was rly pretty;black and pink emblazoned with silver metallic swirls and flourishes and studded with silver rhinestones! It was love at first sight but it was $45 and umm I'm not that good to buy that for myself =S So yea I guess I rly need dat bf den =/. SO yea it was pretty boring I had fun making V-day FaceinHoles[ you should try it, it's pretty addictive], not much else to talk about, hopefully next year is better lolz. Oh and just a little pointer, I may be antisocial but I'm quite talkative. Idk if that makes sense but my rule is- I don't talk to you, You talk to me. Yes it's mean, but as guys it's your job to initiate a conversation - but this is obviously  a topic for a next blog so till denn... XOXO [becuz today is Valentine's] <3

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