Friday, February 24, 2012

Bitches and their Make-up

   Ok. So I really should be doing something more constructive with my time such as learning my speech or something, but it's really hard to concentrate when you have all these loose thoughts floating about the abyss of my mind!!! So this is a quick rant on what's been bothering me lately; Bitches and their make-up. Now it took me a while to come to this moment in time when I actually start blogging because I couldn't decide whether this should be something guys do or something girls do?! I could do both, but then I realised that I have so much shit to say, that I might as well just make one great post dedicated to this whole catastrophe! So, no objections just shut up and read =)
            Firstly I would like to start with the true essence of Bitches and their Make-up.... Bitch why you always gotta wear make-up? As a girl, I would just like to state my position on this. Yes I love makeup, but I don't really like to wear makeup. I love theater makeup, I just like the idea of dressing up and looking different... as you would have probably seen already.
         But life calls for many social events and I definitely can't roll up looking like a clown or Princess Jasmine, so I do wear more subtle looks for these events. I tend to wear neutral colors only, my eyes are so big that I really do approach a Bozo state when I start using acutal colors. Ladies, please note how I know what works for me and what doesn't.
      More importantly, I only wear makeup for large social gatherings, or unless I have like two minutes extra when leaving the house... in that case I wear some brown eyeliner. I don't really know about some of you, but I do enjoy the feel of clean skin, the way you can laugh, cry, scratch your nose and your eye and not have to worry about your whole face sliding down, especially when it rains.

        For that reason I don't wear make-up to school, lessons, malls, groceries and other trivial errands because it makes no sense! Like who is really going to take their time and stop picking out the good tomatoes or stop studying their work  just to watch me and criticise my natural face?  Seriously, if you do this... you have issues. And it's not like I'm goin to pick up anybody at the mall or lessons... like seriously?! And if you're going to mention my last embarrassing moment, don't, because things like that don't matter. I'm sure even if I was dressed decently things would have worked out the same way still, because he probably already has a girlfriend, and if he doesn't then it brings me back to my motto which guys seem to hate; If you don't like me at my worst, then you don't deserve me at my best. I for one believe that natural beauty is true beauty, if you can look gorgeous without makeup then you are truly a Miss Universe... other than that - bitch please.
                                                    I love this. Meaningful indeed. [click for link]
Natural Beauties.

          Wearing a mask and being called pretty isn't much of a compliment to you, but more to your mask and your make-up artistry skills. We have this great misconception about makeup, we believe that make-up is to conceal our flaws, but  I live by the fact that we must appreciate our flaws because they make us different and instead makeup should be used to highlight what is already beautiful about us. I would hate to be with a guy and not wear make up for the first time, because he would suddenly notice all the flaws I've hid so well, but by living through my ideals, when he sees me for the first time without make-up he'll remeber my exaggerated 'beautiful' eyes/lips/whatever, which he would have fallen for in the first place, and realise that they truly are beautiful and he'll focus on that.... err hopefully this guy focuses more on personality really, but you know looks do count =S. So what am I saying ladies??? Stop frigging wearing makeup for every little shit. I understand that you want to look flawless and beautiful all the time but if it's all pretend then what's the deal? Seriously, some of you have to get dressed up to just sit and lime with your family?!! WDA! Yes I know family can be the most judgemental people ever; mean cousins and even meaner aunts, but why must you try to impress them? They have no choice but to be related to you and talk to you, whether they like it or not. What can they possibly say to you when you're not wearing makeup that they can't say when you are wearing make up?? These are the people that have probaly wiped your ass when you were small, as you were vomiting all over them, that's more nasty than not wearing make-up. Most importantly, you need to get over yourself and realise that looks aren't everything, you won't be young and beautiful forever... and that's when you'll need to start wearing make-up. Do you remember that saying; 'How you are on the inside reflects on the outside'? Well darlings, I can prove testimony to this. It doesn't matter how much make-up you wear, you will only be as pretty as you are on the inside. For example I am one of the meanest persons, people know and well I'm good at applying makeup and I yea I think I look good but nobody else will even give a damn because my ugly insides are overpowering! Are you all getting what I'm trying to say?? I do hope so. 

     I'm not even sure why you all think make-up is so great, because for some... it can go really wrong.Yes, I know we can feel really pretty when we wear make-up but some of us don't really know how to wear make-up. Remember I said make-up should be used to highlight what's already good about us, but in the craze to make ourselves seem perfect, we put on everything... sometimes inartistically and look like a HOT MESS. I really don't know what possesses some of us to smear solid brilliant yellow on our eyelids, wear lip liner alone, not just fill in our eyebrows but flippin' draw new eyebrows!! And most frequently done; wear foundation and powder way different from our complexion, only on our face.And so we leave the house with our face looking like a colouring book of a 3 year old child... Yet we think we look gorgeous.

             Yes make-up can work but for some it doesn't, especially if we don't how to utilise it... .so why bother? Why do we make it our business to make ourselves worst off than we already are? Make-up can take a really pretty girl and make her....err not so pretty.
So ladies, put down those brushes once in a while and give your skin a break. It's important that you let your skin breathe and that your pores aren't constantly clogged with foundation and powder for natural, healthier looking skin. If you have any questions about skin remedies and make-up and stuffs, go ahead, please ask away =). Those of you who aren't so great at putting on make-up and you have accepted that you are clueless when it comes to this and you want to make the effort to look model-icious, it doesn't take much, you can actually teach yourself. Consider reading our previous post on make-up -------------->

              Well, well guys.... looks like it's your turn now =)  Ok so when it comes to this topic, guys actually piss me off more! Because unlike women, they actually know what they're doing.... or maybe they're just so dumb that they really don't?!!? Guys are major hypocrites when it comes to make-up. 

       They actually like seem all deep and say that they prefer natural girls. Sometimes I believe that it's guys who are all about the place saying stuff like------------------------------>
just to seem like a sweetheart and get girls =S

       Guys will say that they like girls who don't wear make-up at all and that they love girls who are completely natural and show off their true beauty. But that's a lie! In fact the girls who guys chase, are the ones who wear tons of make-up, false eyelashes and all, giving them that flawless illusion, the make-up is only applied so well that it actually looks natural-ish. Guys love girls with fake boobs... what's completely natural about that? Also guys are the first to laugh and grunt in disgust when you have that whole clown face mojo thing going on, as discussed before.

    I'm not sure exactly why they lie, but in truth what guys like, are girls who wear make-up naturally. But then again guys just love pretty girls whether its natural or not.

           So guys stop being major hypocrites, I beg of you. For more on this, please click----------------> . I think that you all should just be honest and say that you love the physical aesthetics of a woman, whether it's real or not, because other than that you are just wasting everyone's time. For example... booty? [Can't think of other popular body parts lolz =S] There will be a girl with a natural big butt, but nooo you want the girl with the fake bigger butt... I don't understand =S [ also you like to convince yourself that it's real?!]. I know that not all of you are like this, but majority are. And the worst part about guys being hypocrites is that they'll read this and even though it fully applies to them they will say that this is bullshit and that they've never done this and they never will, trust me I know. So stop lying just be your plain jerkish self, I'm sure some one will love you for your truthfulness... after all relationships should be based on honesty.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Embarrassing Moments [2]

        Whassap my lovers?!??! So it's what would be known as Valentine's eve, if we can call it that... So here I am being a loser, procrastinating doing my labs and I decided that I should make a v-day post. Now I haven't had much loving experiences that I can share with you all, however I have an abundance of embarrassing shit. So my embarrassing moment... not so v-day related, closest thing I have for now?....Let's see if I can remember this.

         So it was the summer of 2011, the air was dry, I wasn't in school and.... actually I think it  had rained a bit =S Ok seriously, my  cousin's wedding was fast approaching and well I wanted a saree for that event. So my mom, my aunt and I went SHOPPING [White Chicks hand movements*] !!! So we were looking and looking for a cheap but pretty saree and we went to two Indian expos and my mom can seriously shop! No lie, this woman does not get tired of shopping!  This was in Chaguanas by the way, so when I was getting dressed in the morning I was thinking 'Hmm... well I ain't gonna pick up anything there, it's Chaguanas! I ain't want no freaks watchin' meh up, I'll just put on that old top and this crappy jeans'. Seeing that I took like 3 minutes to get an outfit and put it on I had to wait like half an hour on my mom to get ready. So there I was in my room thinking 'Hmmm... I have some time..maybe I cud put on some make-up', and well that I did, but I had so much time that I got creative and tried to create a look... I had used  this eye shadow that's really hard to come off, you need to use make-up remover to correct mistakes and the pigmentation is really bright  and long lasting and well, if you're not a professional it's kinda hard to use at first [But now I know how to use it so all is good =)].
      I don't usually do this, I usually wear neutrals but I don't know what madness got into to me and I decided to match my eye-shadow to my top!!! DEAD* So I smeared blue on my eyes and then I used some white on the inner corners and then some black on the outside and it looked like a mass of grey on my face!! - and I ain't so light skinned. Now time was narrowing down and I didn't have time to fix this disaster unless I took it all off.... but I didn't wax in a while... so I  figured that this mess would distract people from the overgrown brows and stache - and we were going Chaguanas main road, home of the fashion criminals!! How could I ever feel out of place? [ lolz not to sound too mean =P]

          Well we were at our second expo, by the Divali Nagar and I mean things were going pretty normal so far, no strange looks, nothing! And well this mess served as a mask - so I felt. So we walked in and BOOM! I see this bess Indian!!! Taller than me, tanned complexion, fit body, nice hair straight black hair, beautiful face, strong jawline, great style.. pretty much the works lolz. Now the Indians from India who come to sell in the expo are usually old, so seeing this young guy was pretty impressive, but like I'm kind of blind; I can't see far [near sighted I believe]. And yea he was good looking but I didn't want to stare because that would be creepy, but the place wasn't so big so every time I turned I would see him right there in the distance and then I figured 'Hey, he's not gonna remember me when he goes back to India and well it's not like I'm going to see them again', so my care factor decreased a little.
         So blah blah, my mom was modelling some sarees for my aunt and I,  and the the woman who was selling it to us, had the most adorable baby ever! She was a cute  little fatty, with the sweetest smile and the most big beautiful blue-ish eyes, she was just too cute and she wanted to be my friend =D I'm not sure why, but I tend to get caught up in baby relationships a lot =S. So  I became her friend and we were 'playing'  and she was being naughty. She kept taking the racks and the plastic bags, so I was there being a good person picking up whatever she threw down... I don't know, I figured they would give me a discount for babysitting lolz lolz lolz [I'm kidding, I'm just that nice ok]. So Ms. cutie pie takes the hanger I just picked up from my hand and starts to baby run away from me towards the open door, so I'm just thinking ' Holy shit! Must get baby! Can't loose baby! Must catch baby before people see!', and with that I started running after her. I was running after a baby, so obviously my back was hunched low and I was probs looking retarded. Then I noticed that she was slowing down so I increased my speed to catch up to her. It all happened so fast, but cutie pie started pulling on someone's pants and when they stopped and looked down at her she gave them the hanger. I finally caught her and was ready to lift her up but then I looked up subconsciously [don't know why I did that] and I realised that it was Mr. Good looking and I just froze, keeping that retarded pose for a while ... and we had a moment =S. I froze out of stupidity within his presence and well I think he was in awe with the disaster on my face!!!- which was very visible to him, because we were that close, he probably saw the beautiful eyebrows and all. Or he was wondering if this was my child?? [idk] Then the baby's mommy came and took back the hanger and baby and things went back to normal. However I did notice that Mr. Good looking was leaving with his mother![ A female relative.. I really don't know ok] That could only mean one thing- that he's not from India... DEAD AGAIN*. So I was wrong about that, but I was right about never seeing them again. Hopefully if I do, they don't remember the whole incident and I'll be less of an eye soar lolz.

               So that's a little disaster scene, one of many from my life. Now you all know that life isn't so bad; whether you're single or in a relationship I'm sure tomorrow will have it's perks. People with Valentines please share chocolate, thats all I ask and very handsome fellow from the story..... next year ;)