Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grads makeup

      Hmm so having a nice dress and shoes doesn't quite cut it, you have to get the physical down as well. [not that we need it or anything vain* lolz]. Ok well you want to get ur waxes, facials and bleaching done at least a week before the big day. This will allow time to fix anything that may go wrong, God forbid. And well if you're waxing your brows, you want to give it time so that you don't look two toned on that day and well you don't want to do it too early cause some of us have the beast gene  and well you know how it is =S. And well when it comes to makeup, you want to practice your look before hand, buy ur necessary products, don't forget the makeup blotters!!!! [ those rly do save ur life!]. So try out ur makeup looks before hand to see which one looks better and which ones you are capable of executing. If you're getting your makeup done professionally .... while there may be the pro of you looking rel bess and supermodel-ish there are also the cons which usually out weigh the pros. Firstly you need an appointment, and that time may be too early and it starts to wear off as we start to sweat or too late and we have to hurry to get home and get dressed. Secondly, you have no idea what it's going to look like, you can't get a preview on you, so once it's on.... it's on! And there's not much you can do about it. Thirdly, you do not look like you!!! Yea so sum places ahem* Sacha, they really umm idk how else to put this but yea... you rarely recognize yourself when leaving =S. So I can tell you this because I have experience. My parents didn't think that I was capable of doing my own makeup so they insisted that I go get it done, and well the fact that my mom had links n got free makeup certificates did not help my situation lolz. So I was just like ok, yea, what ever and I asked them to do it natural-ish cuz I'm only graduating form 5, and the lady was like sure no problem how she understands [ She was rly nice btw, just thought you all should know] but yea I still didn't look like me and well let's say grads pictures aren't my favorite!
So it's pretty easy to do your own makeup, it's pretty basic stuff. You want a foundation that matches your skin, or else you look ridiculous cause your face looks white and your body is well not the same color =(. With blush, you want to contour your face not look like some kinda psycho doll. Lips you need to know what looks good on you and well my fav... the eyes =)

So these are the basic areas of your eye. You always want to highlight under the brow, where is says highlight, with a bright color preferably white or cream, it opens up your eyes, unless you have huge eyes like me, then that pretty much comes naturally. One of the easiest looks to attain is to sweep one color over the entire lid and then blend a darker color into the outer crease. Pretty standard stuff right? Yea and just follow with your liner and mascara. Or you could start with a light color eg. cream in the inner lid and then sweep the middle and outer lid with a darker color eg. brown and then start on the outer lid and blend a darker color eg. dark brown into the crease =) So you can see that done below lolz.

           Ok so you can go for something a little more dramatic but just as easy... the smokey eye. Contouring your eyes with black or any dark color eg. dark brown, navy; pretty much makes you look dramatic. Feel free to use sparkles, it is a night event after all.=) [Love sparkly things =D]

      Or we cud do something a little easier but just as beautiful... going neutral. So you want to use neutral colors of cream, white, brown and optionally; black. I love going neutral because you can't look like a clown and well people think you're naturally gorgeous because they can't tell that you're wearing makeup =D lolz. So I guess this is what gets to people, when people put on makeup, they assume that they need to show they're wearing makeup and they need to match their eye shadow to their top and what not. Idk why, but once a Trini is wearing the same color as their top on their eyes, even if its just eyeliners they think its a great look. [ppl, we're talking bout red eyeliner n ting here!!]. Anyways makeup isn't supposed to be a mask that you need to tediously apply, you're main objective is the accentuate what's already beautiful about you =).

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