Monday, June 20, 2011

Grads shoes

             "One shoe can change your life" 

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! So yea I finally got around to this post and well these shoes are just gorgeous!!! So the perfect pair of shoes can tie up any outfit and add that special touch. Let your shoes speak your personality, and well even though that may mean that you can wear a pair of converse, I think that's too cliche. So what about ballet shoes?!?! With a rly cute short, poofy dress?!!? =D. Well you may want to start practicing to walk in heels if you're not so great. Break in your shoes at least 6 days before by wearing socks and walking around, doing little chores.The higher the heel the hotter the shoe but the case with it is.... is it too high?! If you slightly bend your knees while walking in those heels, they're probably too high.



Red shoes ;)

Love it <3


So you didn't get that animal print dress... why not an animal print shoe?!

Ok so this may not look so appealing in the pic, but you need to try it on! That lil hangy bling piece actually looks way better on your foot, especially if you have a plain dress [ trust me I have experience with this kinda thing]. So yea if you see this try it on, tho I would prefer a black shoe to silver =/


 Beige Faux Leather Hole Punched Peep Toe Bootie Heels

Ballet shoes!! [see what I mean ;D]

Punk Princess [I'm not by any mean drawing reference to Avril =S].
So yea what about a pair of these instead of converse...

Love it =D
I promote these ankle booties with the wearing of a short dress, I don't rly see it working other wise =S

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