Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grads dresses: Black

"Black will always be considered the most official and eternally elegant color in the fashion world. At the same time black is also used by many people in creative industries, whether they are artists, designers or musicians. It represents wonder and ethereal grace as well as a sense of drama and mystique. Not with standing the ever changing trends in the fashion world, black will always be in the closets of everyone." - FW Editor. 

Black is yet another one of those colors which are frowned upon by many school officials... and well yes I understand why, since grads is supposed to be a happy event and they really don't want you to roll in looking like Wednesday Adams =S. It is a mature color, and well I guess you can try to leave the little black dress for future events. But if you're hard set on wearing a black dress, there are ways to make it youthful. Let's see, you don't need to wear a completely black dress, hints of other colors especially bright colors like pink and blue are a good choice. Also BLING!!! Yea so shiny, sequins, rhinestones... it's more of a teenage thing, so it does make you look young as well as it brightens up any outfit and turns anything into the life of the party so you don't look like you're attending a funeral =)


Love this!


This has been done before and I see this dress or something similar to it almost everywhere in Trinidad... yet I think it looks rly nice in this pic or at least on her lolz

Tony Bowls Strapless Homecoming Dress TB-TS21116

One Shoulder Sequin Homecoming Dress TB-TS21126

Tony Black and White Charmeuse 2011 Prom dress

Love lace =)

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