Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Embarrassing Moments [3]

         Despite having so many embarrassing moments, it seems that I am reluctant to share them with you, as this is only my third post. When I started my blog, I figured that at this time I would be at post 21 not 3. You all must understand that embarrassing moments are embarrassing and it takes a lot of courage to share them. Even now when I look back at previous posts I feel embarrassed and sorry for myself lol. But what's a girl to do? Many of my embarrassing moments have stemmed from my utter stupidity and lack of being a normal social being, but today I bring to you embarrassing moments which stem from my temper. 
I have a really bad temper, so that escalates a situation quickly lolz. Even my horoscope readings have warned me of this and after this post you may understand why.

          My first story it set about two years ago in Trinidad. One summer, my friends and I were at this 'Science camp', and that meant that we had to spend a week away from home. It was night time, and one of my best friends and I decided that we should go and sleep fairly early. As we approached the door to enter the building leaving everyone behind, this guy calls out to my friend. We had spoken to him before and he was friendly enough, and well I wasn't dumb enough to not realise that he was interest in my friend. I'm guessing that she didn't feel the same way.... After he calls out and gets her attention, he boldly asks her, "Do you have a baby?" in a very non-sarcastic tone. I'm not sure why, but this infuriated me! I have no idea what was going on in my head but somehow I managed to think that he had realised that she was not interested in/rejecting him and this was his way of getting back at her. Asking her if she was a victim of teenage pregnancy, so as to justify her not wanting him as she already had a man and a baby. "What the hell?? Why would you ask her if she had a baby??! Does she look like she had a baby to you?!" I blurted in a scolding manner. Ok well I may or may not have said those exact  words but something close to it. I really can't quote myself but let's pretend I said that for the sake of the story. I was ready to argue when I realised that both of them were just watching me with a 'WTF' expression plastered on their face. If memory serves me right he replied, " I didn't ask her that." "So what did you ask her?"I asked meanly. "I asked her if she has a bb [ blackberry]." Wellll I definitely felt stupid as the two of them carried on their exchange of words like decent human being without my input. I think I apologized, I'm not entirely sure... but I'm entirely sure that he thinks I'm crazy. Even my friend thought I was crazy, so I could only imagine what was going on in his head.

         My second story happened about a year ago. I have a feeling I might regret typing this, but that's why there's a delete button. Sigh* takes a deep breath* ok well it was my cousin's second Sunday. If you're not familiar with Hindu Weddings, you should know that the wedding takes place on a Sunday and during the week the bride will come back to her parents house and on the following Sunday [i.e the Second Sunday]  the groom and his family will come to the bride's house to take her away to his house. And well it's a custom that the bride's family would powder the groom's family for taking her away from them... but apparently that is a dying tradition.
 It was time for them to leave and my family brought out the powder and all of them were too scarred to powder the new in-laws, so they sent me because I was the brave one. The fact that I was the brave one is really something because if you know me, you would have never used that word to describe me. I remember doing this for my aunt's wedding and it was super fun as it was sort of like a white phagwa. So I ran wit the powder bottle to sprinkle powder on them and well with the wind blowing most of the powder didn't land on them. And for some reason they didn't want powder on them as if powder would have stained??!?! or as if it was hard to dust off!?! My whole family watched from the balcony as the groom's bulky older brother who's married and has a child, forcefully snatched the powder from my hands and held me down and began pouring it on my face so that I can barely breathe, with an awful grin on his face. This pissed me off greatly! Because I'm a little girl compared to him and this is tradition, if he has a problem then I think he should have stayed home, also he broke my princess Santa hat. Secondly, I'm not lying, this guy looks like Ravana the Demon King and so that bothered me mentally as I always saw him as a force of evil. Thirdly I did not feel that he had any right to hold me down  and I felt it was rather in appropriate and I felt unsafe. So I did one of the most regrettable things... I kicked this man where the sun don't shine in front of everybody, my anger towards him fuelling my strength. The embarrassing part of this was not just his stupid actions towards me but also the look on everyone's face when I realized that they were all still watching. I felt like I had no choice but to defend myself in the way I did and I may most likely fight again to defend myself. But I figured if put in the situation again, I'll just follow my dainty cousins and just sit back and watch one of my best cousins leave and not powder anyone so as to avoid the whole scenario, because from that day on the groom and his family hated me and I feel as if my actions have affected my cousin negatively in her new home. However I can't undo the past to get that second chance, so I can just apologize and hope to live it down... although I doubt that'll ever happen as my other cousin [ the bride's brother] always reminds me of the event. So... to my cousin and her husband and her in-laws... I'm greatly sorry for wanting to powder people and to Ravana.... I apologize, but you didn't have to be such  a dumbass in the first place, you cud have just taken the powder like everyone else and dust yourself off after, but no you had to be a giant bum hole and do what you did. And to my family.... why the hell didn't any of you step in?! 

     Sigh* Well I hope that was entertaining for you as it was painful for me lolz. On a lighter note... I have been learning to control my temper so that similar situations don't occur =) But learning to control my stupidity and awkwardness is far from achievable, so you can be sure to read post 4 sooner or later.