Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life's Many Laws

        In case you all didn't know, I'm 19; as was expressed in my toting post, and I had found a poem I wrote when I was only 15. I found this poem a year now, and when I read it a year ago, I thought it was bloody brilliant how I got the words to rhyme and make sense. Especially since this was actually written as homework for English class, and no one really puts effort into homework as it's always rushed, but I felt all special as my teacher commented, 'I believe you have the heart of a poet!',.... because who wouldn't? Anyway, being amazed at the skill I had back then I decided that one day I would type it up for you all to read...... and while typing, it was really freaky how much this poem applied to my life right now! It's as if my younger self knew what I would be facing now, and there couldn't have been a more perfect timing for me to put this up for you. So I hope you like it, and maybe if you're in a predicament like mine, it'll offer words of motivation =)

Life's Many Laws.©

Achieve excellence,
Go forward!
Don't hold on to the past,
Cherish the memories that last.

Put your best foot forward.
Smile with no regrets!
Enjoy life by all means,
Pursue your dreams.

Take chances!
Make your own rules!
It's your choice,
Hear only your voice.

Be yourself!
Hold nothing to heart!
Make life your own vision,
It's really your decision.

Laugh each day,
With the exception of tears.
Live a reality!
Take a step into your destiny.

Be inspired!
Snatch your victory.
Never swim in defeat,
It's not the end you want to meet.

Work hard,
Empower your heart.
Life's not a race,
Set your own pace.

People change and things go wrong,
Doesn't mean all is gone.
It's your life!
And life goes on.

- by Hindi Bindi.

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  1. OoooOoooo....... kool poem!
    Nice! XD

  2. It's your life, and life goes on.

    Very nice.

    Btw, found you on BSN.
    I follow you know.
    Do take out time and read my blog!