Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grads dresses: Orange

"The color orange merges the characteristics of both red and yellow. Thus it tones down a persons assertive side, bringing out the enthusiasm and the joyful side. Orange brings out an inspired and enthusiastic hue in the wearer. Orange is a popular choice for bridesmaid's dresses particularly because of those feelings of joy and amusement they suggest." - FW Editor.

Orange, well it has been done and people don't do it wrong so I guess there's not much to say =S You don't exactly want a neon orange dress now do you?!? Burnt orange is more like it and it looks more sophisticated and what not. Orange works well with brown, so brown shoes and neutral makeup work in nicely =)

So everybody wants to be unique for grads, so instead of  accessorizing to the extreme and altering your dress and what not... we're in Trinidad man, what about an awesome sari or gharara. So yea dat would be pretty cool as well, and like a Indian inspired dress would look gorgeousss. lolz


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