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How to be the Ultimate HP fan. [Prt 2]

      Yo yo, almost ultimate HP fans?!?! So like I promised... I'm going to help you on your almost completed journey in becoming the ultimate Harry Potter fans. So if you haven't read part 1, den your a newbie and you shouldn't be reading this as yet, cos' it might be too much for you to handle [Can't say I didn't warn you =P]. If you've read and obeyed Part 1, then welcome...... Let us complete our sole task...

1. Honor thy Wand.
  Ok so every great wizard needs a WAND?!?! Like how the hell are you going to cast your patronus if you don't have a wand?? So to be a great fan you need to have your wand, but you most likely can't just pop by Ollivander's... So my expectation of you is to make one!!! It's quite simple, If you look at the first pic you'll see how it's done and the second pic shows how it should look afterwards. Ok the most convenient method is to use papier mâché. So use some computer paper and roll it up into a decent wand size and glue it up. Use thing piece of paper soaked it glue to make the fine details and well after, you can paint it all up. Or you can use fabric glue and draw on your wand since it dries like puff paint. Orrrrr..... You cud be gansta like me and go find a wand looking stick in your yard, and spray it with bronze paint =D. So go make yourself a wand... like right after you read this post! Expecto Patronum!

2. Honor thy Glasses.
    Well... if you wear glasses, you know what to do! Make an appointment a.s.a.p. to get your frames changed to circular spectacles just like Harry's. If you don't wear glasses then go and get non prescription glasses to wear, so you look like a true HP fan. Or if you wish not to go through such expense... which is for a good cause btw... you can always purchase a toy glasses or one from a costume shop. If you wish not to spend any money at all.. then you can make your own with some wire/paper, glue and clear plastic wrap.

3. Honor thy Written Word.
   The written word... yes my friends, the only way to truly be a HP fan is to read all the books! And it may sound hypocritical coming from me since I've only read the last one and piece of the sixth one. But if you wish to adopt my train of thought.. it's because Harry Potter is officially over for many people... but not for me because I haven't read all the books yet.. so I'm going to take my time and cherish every last moment =) So go and read all the books over and over again. Become a book collector... each Harry book has like about 3 different covers so you can buy each version of each book. And when you're done with that, you can start buying Harry Potter in each language in was published in and each version of those books until you have the ultimate Harry Potter book collection! And there's no doubt that in the future, you may own something that's worth a fortune and well you got the idea right here on Hindi Bindi! So umm yea don't forget to share the riches with us =D

4. Honor thy Games.
    So the best way to pass time with friends is to play a good old fashioned board game, which can tire out after a while but not with the ultimate twist...HP BOARD GAMES! So to all you HP fans..HP games might just be the only way for you to ever have fun again... it's the only time you can reminisce with Harry, Ron and Hermione after the Deathly Hallows. [Wow that's an awfully depressing train of thought... somebody buy me HP Scene It plz =) lolz]. So there are games like HP Guess who? which should be more fun than the original and well you don't need the game to play this. My friends and I shall try this when we aren't busy, but yes even though you don't have the game set up, you can still play and it includes more than 2 players as well [Bonus!]; ok all you have to do is keep your character in your mind and have your friends ask you yes/no questions about said person and with each response you give them they should be closer to the answer =D. I love Clue so there's no doubt that WE [yes I mean you =P] will absolutely be addicted to HP Clue. HARRY POTTER MONOPOLY! That should mean a lot to you =P There are also games like Hp Scene it as well as electronic games for PSP's and Xbox and the whole lot... So throw all that other crap away and start having some real fun with sum HP games =).

5. Honor thy Children.
    Ok, well you look like a true HP fan and so does your pet... but what about your child?? Or any little children you may know for a matter of fact?  YOU CAN'T NEGLECT THE CHILDREN! THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!!!  So take in the children, show them love.. show them Harry Potter =). So dress your child up like true HP fans as well, using the guided instructions from Part 1. The prefered choice for many people is to dress their children like Harry, but that's so cool...walking around with a little Harry!! So invest in your child's closet plz! If you don't have a child as yet... but you have one on the way... honor your child by bestowing on him/her a name from the book. Luna and Hermione are two very pretty names for girls and who wouldn't want to be as intelligent and witty as Hermione? So I doubt your child will hate you in the future, and once they find out where they got their awesome name from and why and what it means, they'll truly love you. I mean a name from Harry Potter pwns a name like Edward any day. I was going to say Renesmee.. but heck, even my name pwns that!!!

6. Honor thy Skin.
    Why bother to tattoo your boyfriend's name to your body when you can have the magic of HP with you forever instead? So it's a bit extreme, but you must admit... if you have a  tattoo.. you're like the ultimate fan!!! And there are a lot of really pretty tattoos out there for you to choose from... some of them are rite here =) Btw if you're a sissy like me.... a nice Sharpie does wonders as well. So start practising and embracing you inner artist because you will be giving your self HP Tattoos every day!! And plus with a Sharpie you can change it up =D So go get your HP tattoo all you brave ppl out there sigh*

7. Honor thy Accent.
     So you may look, eat, perhaps even smell like a True HP fan.... but the question is... Do you sound like one??  So yes you can't truly be a HP fan without your British accent now can you? YOU CAN'T!! =P So go watch all the movies again and again until you pick up the accent and get a real hang of it. It's easier to talk as either Ron or Hermione since they say distinctive things, such as Ron and his 'Bloddy Hell Harry!'. If you know what I mean. So once you've covered the accent, learn a few quotes and use them in your every day convos, talk in your accent whenever you go out. I've done it once or twice, people usually just think you're from England when you do it, that's why it's important to be wearing your Hogwarts uniform. You must speak the language of Harry Potter!!!

 Once you've covered it all from Part1 to Part 2, I guess we can officially declare you the  ULTIMATE HP FAN! I do believe Congratulations are in order =). I'm so proud of you sniff* For all those who haven't made it as yet.. keep trying you will get there one day. Well it has been a great journey but it will never truly be over, and we will remember it... Always <3

                     So in honour of the end, I leave you with this because it's entirely true:

                                      I'm jealous of the way Ron look at Hermione.

                                I'm jealous of how much and how true Snape loved Lily.

            I'm jealous of how Luna never gave a rats arse of what anyone thought of her.

                                                 I'm jealous of how brave Neville truly is.

      I'm not jealous since I have the same, but I admire how strong and unbreakable their friendship is. 


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