Monday, July 25, 2011

Embarrassing Moments [1]

        Well well.... Some shit happened to me yesterday. My Facebook got a virus thanx to my lovely bottom of a brother, so now I can't go on =( And well it's all so wonderful because this happened on my birthday! Thank you bloody virus creator, you're the effing best =). So yea I'm 18.. don't know how I feel about that really, I mean I was supposed to accomplish a lot before 18 and well that never worked out, so it ain't feeling so great. But then again what were the chances of me writing a book before 18, a successful book for that fact?.
       Anywho, I was thinking that I blogged about a lot of pretty random things, but I can't blame myself because the stuff you find here actually comes from my mind and yea I spend some few days thinking about it, and when it's too much I just decide to blog =D Aren't you all glad? You get to read my wonderful yet so uninteresting thoughts =D YAY YOU! So as pointless and irrelevant as it may all seem, you really can't blame me because the original intention of my blog was too tell you all about my embarrassing moments. You see I live with some pretty weird folks, I have some pretty weird friends, I meet some pretty interesting people and well I'm pretty stupid =) Soo all those things are very much a recipe for disaster! And that my friends, is why I have so many embarrassing moments, so many that I had intentionally thought of telling them all to you.... but they are quite embarrassing so I have had second thoughts =S. And well I have no Facebook and nothing better to do, so I decided that I should try and blog my original intentions... just to accomplish one of my 'before I reach 18' goals and plus ... I think I've finally mustered the courage =S.
            So many of you may think I'm bluffing about my life just to make it seem all interesting an what not... but don't judge my moments of shame! =P Well I can't name specifics because I don't really want the people involved to feel as embarrassed as I did or feel bad because I felt embarrassed when the situation seemed totally normal to them =). Ok so lets date back to a few years ago, it was my first day of school [Yes, a first day of school moment.. but no lie, real shit happens on that day!]. So being my first day, my parents had told me to be outgoing and make friends because they know how shy and anti social I am. And well I am really shy, awkward and anti social but I had taken drama the year before and I felt like I had really blossomed when it came to talking to new people. So I decided to be very talkative in order to make friends that day; btw if you are going to a new school this September... that doesn't usually work, since people don't really talk to you much first day of high school. So I figured that the flaw in my plan was that I was waiting for people to talk to me ... which is my typical mind set, so I said to myself 'You know what!?! If I'm going to do this... I've got to talk to people too!' So after a few classes, the dreaded lunch hour came! Who was I going to spend a hour with, if I didn't know anybody?!?!?! So as the bell rang and old friends reunited, I thought 'Hey, well I'm sure I'm not the only new person here on the first day of school,' so I began to look around for lonely people like myself, then I spotted someone who did quite fit the description of a potential friend : female, short like myself so that intimidation of height was not a factor, alone, lost look on her face amongst the crowd. Ok so it sounds like I was going to make her my victim but no don't get that idea lolz, its only because I'm female, short, was alone and lost... common grounds make for good friendships =P So I decided to go over and ask her to have lunch with me... so I walked over and in an almost awkward voice I said "Oh so you're new here too right?!" and she replied, "No, I'm waiting for my friends." And then I felt a surge of stupidity overcome me as all I could say was "Oh ok." And I quickly ran away from the humiliation but it stuck like glue =( So now I can't help but think that she thinks I'm a freak, but how impolite of her to not ask me if I was new and ask me to join her for lunch hmph! People! =P Anyways, it turns out that she was in a year above me and not in my level at all and I would often see them in the hallway and remember that shameful moment! And well I learned nothing from that except 'Keep your mouth shut and don't talk to people until spoken to first' and well thanks to that mindset, I'm even more antisocial than before =). Wow writing this stuff out makes me realize that I have real issues to deal with LMAO, well I guess if you know me and you're reading this.... now you know why I'm so messed up!

       So not speaking until spoken  to seemed like a wise idea before, until this next incident; and that's when I learned that I should not speak at all! This other time was for a family wedding... aie yie yie.. when does it end for me?!?! Ok so I had not so recently attended a wedding of a close-ish relative and well it was a nice little shindig, lovely decor, good food, wonderful people but then tragedy struck! My father had signaled me over to his table to introduce me to one of my relatives, so I gladly got up, put on my decent face and headed over to be all smiles and sweet little angel. So when I landed, my father had said, " Meet your family, give them a hug and thing," So me in my stupidity responded to them, "Oh hi, congratulations!" And then the awkward moment of silence struck, my father broke it with his words, "He's not married yet, it's the brother that got married today." And all I could say is, "OooHhhhh," and all I think is "Shit!" But my father is one of the reasons I have so many embarrassing moments, because he continued to talk, "Like she hurrying you to the gun?" So I just smiled and I could see the embarrassment on his face as well since he was actually single at that time and had no plans for a wedding anytime soon, so I glided over to my seat to die of my embarrassment. But honestly, they resemble and they were wearing the same suit thing and I mean I knew who he was, I met him before so when my father wanted to introduce me to them I had automatically assumed that it was someone I was unfamiliar with. On many occasions they had forgotten who I was, so I  pray that it happens again, although I may have made it quite difficult for that to happen this time =S
         Well I guess that's it for embarrassing moments today, don't ridicule please, or else I won't tell you anymore hmph! =P So I leave you with this; What would you say was your most embarrassing moment? Comment and tell us =) Honestly, it's too hard for me to choose just one cause there are soo many awful ones! Maybe if I get good reviews I'll keep them coming... oh my what am I signing myself up for here!? =S

    Oh and well Hindi Bindi has a tumblr as well now =D It's super duper awesome!!! We linked it to our homepage for easy access, feel free to check it out -------> Follow us, reblog us, Love us =P lmao.

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