Saturday, May 7, 2011

Princes & Princesses

         So how bout that Royal Wedding ppl? Lmao yes I kno hindi bindi's totally late!!!!!! Anyways that's only becuz I was trying to abstain from blogging for a while lolz. So yea everyone was watching it and freaking out making such a big deal about it..... so this is for all you ppl who stayed home in the morning to watch it and who came home in the evening and watched the wedding  yet again...

    So not only did Trinis make a big deal of the Royal Wedding even though we are not British, nor are we under British rule anymore and I mean after the impact they had on the Caribbean with all the enslaving and cruelty... why should we endorse it?? Yea well idk but we did lolz.[ I guess we're just a bunch of suckers cuz I totally love England even tho I haven't been there, but I so plan on being there before I die =)]. And well there were a lot of people hating on Kate. YO DON'T HATE KATE, JUST APPRECIATE! [ lmfao yes I enjoyed the fact that her name rhymed in perfectly into that phrase]. So yes, lovely Catherine Elizabeth Middleton went from being just an ordinary girl like me and you, to being a Princess over night. How much did we wish that was us?? Lolz ummm people let me remind you of one of the ten commandments; Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's goods.... so stop sinning ppl =P
So to the new Duchess of Cambridge.. that is neither of us........

So yes I totally understand ppl being jealous of Kate because who wouldn't want to be a Princess. But what I don't understand, is people celebrating Harry's singleness!?!?!?!?!

First of all Harry has/had a girlfriend named Chelsey who's studying law ppl... Just so you know =P


But they ain't married yet, so there's still a chance that the person to be the next Princess is the person who had dibs on him.. i.e... Me =)[ meaning that he ain't single lolz]. Bwahah yes, ok my fellow ladies of all ages I just want you all to know that my marriage to Harry has been planned since I was like 13 ok and you all just suddenly start having feelings for him after you see his brother being married off?!?! Clearly I'm more deserving of him [Lmfao sounding like such a total psycho!!!!] But I mean sigh*, he's so perfect [ and I use that term loosely since I have no idea wat he's rly like lolz] with his red hair, baddest behaviour lolz, royal family and Etonian education =).  So I'm just gonna sidetrack a bit here and wish that I cud have gone to Eton. Such a lovely place.. even tho I have never been there lolz. So yea 'in case' my marriage to Harry doesn't work out as planned, if there are any Eton guys reading this.... my number is 67*****........... 868 is the area code ppl, I'm from Trinidad and Tobago [ I's a Trini, a Trini =P] lmao. No seriously, I would rly like to meet ppl from Eton esp Capt Hook lolz. So back to my story of me n Harry..... Yea so imagine if Harry brings home somebody like me?!?! Lmao I cud so see Queen Elizabeth saying: 'Bloody hell Harry, what's this indentured labourer doing in our palace?!?!!?!?!... Carry her back to the plantations?!?!' =S
 Harry: 'But grandma this is my fiance'. 
Queen E: 'Fiance Harry?!? Your bloody fiance you said?!?! Buh wah d mc! ent I tell you to bring home a blested white woman and this is what you bring?!?! Like you fleckin' color blind or wah?!?!?![ lmao just had to make her talk like a Trini lolz]

Talk about total AWKWARD MOMENT!!!!!!! But anyways Harry I think you're familiar with the fact that in the olden days people from warring nations would marry off their children to establish a sense of peace and harmony and end the war and well if you marry me you can establish partial World peace =) 
So the chances of me or most of us becoming royalty is very very slim, considering that there are only about not even a handful, but a pinch of royal bachelors present on Earth and well they can't marry all of us. [ unless it were like the olden days, where kings would have 40 wives lolz]. But despite the fact that we will never be known to the world as a Princess it doesn't mean that we can't be Princesses in our own right.
I mean I know that that it will never happen, and that I'm not the kind of person to be addressed as a Princess ....even jokingly or out of affection. So the main idea here is that even though I will never be a crowned princess, daddy's little princess, or anybody's princess for that, niether do I have the tongue, posture, skills, qualities and training of a princess nor will I ever be treated, respected, known globally, praised and even live life like royalty... that doesn't mean that every Hallow's eve I can't wear some cheap costume and dress up like Princess Jasmine and coax myself into believing it for one night every year; because we all deserve the right to be treated as righteously as royalty even if it means that the only person to consider you a 'Princess' is yourself. Darlings if you want the world to treat you as a princess, you best start believing it yourself... because we all deserve to be Princesses with a Happy Ending destined in our future <3.



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