Friday, May 6, 2011

Top 10 Stairs

 Woot woot! So today I have finished 5 exams n well whether or not I passed with a 1 is still a mystery that I shall not ponder upon. Anyways, so long have I awaited this weekend of freedom which by the way I'm taking off from studying [ as if I even spent much time studying in the first place =S]  because Saturday is a lazy day and well Sunday is the sabbath and God said to take the sabbath day off, so if I studied what kinda person would I be?!?!? A horrible one I tell you!!! Just HORRIBLE!!! So in honor of this waste weekend I shall be having a dun dun dun dunnnn... a blog-a-thon! [ sry for all the exclamations, I'm just rly excited =D] So yes I have all these weird messed up crap running through my head that I just need to say. So stay tune for a whole set of crappy blogs this weekend =) 
           Ok so I'm just gonna be rel random with this..... this post is about stair cases, but not just any stair cases!!! Rly awesome stair cases that just make u wanna run up and down them and dress up in a pretty dress and take a bunch of vanity pics on them lmao. Kinda like these girls.... but we don't have access to cool stuff like that =(. D'arvit!

            And well 2 and 4 are in castles, so yea wudn't that just be lovely. Ok well let's get this count down started cuz I'm just rambling lolz.

Top 10 Stair Cases:-











Alrite so I hope you all were not offended by that pretty, random yet some what boring post...=S But do look forward to more Top 10 random crap that shall be brought to you in due time by urs truly =)

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