Friday, May 27, 2011

Top 10 Tattoos

       Ahhhh so well it has surely been a while!! I had no net for idk 2 weeks?? So obviously I wasn't able to blog, and well I had no exams so I didn't have cause to study, but I was surely thinking of stuff to tell you all. Well I think you all should know that my coolness level on twitter rose, from a 9 to 47 followers. Lmao yea thats still not a lot compared to other people but you must say it's an improvement and well Hindi Bindi has 86 followers =) [Thnx for following us]. Oh and we went to see Pirate of the Caribbean 4 last weekend, t'was awesome!! Thumbs up for mermaids =D
     So it's yet another random post, and this time we're looking at tattoos because there are some pretty cool ones out there. And well one of my besties wants to get a tattoo in remembrance of her beloved cat Natty, bless his furry soul, for her 18th b-day. Hopefully she has the courage to ask cause I think that'll be really cool [yes I'm hinting that you should ask your rents, btw =D- or you cud be a total badass and get it without them knowing  =P lolz, I don't think you should do that.... just in case you were considering it]. Anyways so these tattoos are really sane and I think they're really cute, and it shows that you can get a tattoo without looking like a Biker, rel G, punk or any other stereotype that your parents would normally frown upon, so lets take a look at these tattoos... [but then again who doesn't want to be a G rite?]

Top 10 Tattoos:-

                                                          Colorful Butterflies. so cute.

 Favorite Hobby. So cool to be proud of something you love to do. I love the combination of clefs to form a heart =)
Cherry Blossoms along your side. I love the shading of the branches and flowers.

Fav Fiction. Love Harry Potter Tattoos! Coo-dos to those who have a tattoo of the best-est book everr. =D

Fav Place. Tattoos of something from a place you love or ur native country is perdy cool. Luvin' this Eiffel Tower.

Dream Catcher. There are many tattoos of dream catchers but I like this one because it's in color and I like it's position on the back rather than on the arm. Plus it has nice symbolism.

The Feather. I'm not sure where this is from, but a lot of people have this on their rib cage. I this one's nice, love the shading once more, as well as the words and it's font.

 Skull. It's a very girly skull, not creepy at all. I love the intricate marking, reminds me of Mexico for some reason, el dia de los muertos.
This is what I'm referring to lolz. It's a pretty pic non?

Birds. The cluster of simple bird shaped silhouettes are really cute in my perspective. Idk why, but I like it.

Inspirational words. I think it's really sweet having a tattoo of your fav quote or something really meaningful. I think behind your neck is the perfect place for a tattoo like this.

   Basically, tattoos are permanent and they'll be with you for a while so whatever it is you get, I think it should be meaningful, and something special to you, otherwise it becomes something you regret and pointless.

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