Friday, May 27, 2011

Grads dresses: White

"For most of the world this is the color associated with purity (wedding dresses); cleanliness (doctors in white coats) and the safety of bright light (things go bump in the night ... not the bright sunshine!). It is also used to project the absence of color, or neutrality. In some eastern parts of the world, white is associated with mourning. White associated with creativity (white boards, blank slates). It is a compression of all the colors in the color spectrum."

"Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is perceived as long-lasting, classic, and often as sleek or refined. It is a color that is dignified, conservative, and carries authority. Gray is controlled and inconspicuous and is considered a color of compromise, perhaps because it sits between the extremes of black and white. Gray is a perfect neutral, which is why designers often use it as a background color."

Ok so in this post, we're covering white and grayish/ silver dresses since it's like shades of each other, even though it's just titled white lolz. So some schools don't permit you to wear white dresses for grads either, cough* Convent... cough* cough* =P. So yea this is understandable because wearing all white is very bridal... as you may come across some wedding dresses in this post [but they're simple wedding dresses which look like prom dresses to me, and hey some people have dresses more extravagant than that]. You want to come across as a young trendy teenager, or quite princess like =D but not a young bride... it's quite out of context. In my opinion... if you want to wear a white dress don't go for something entirely white, combinations of other colors work well. For quite some time now white has been seen complementary to silver but there are some pieces that you will see that use gold and well I just love it!!! =D


Love it!! <3


Yes, it's ummm ... a bit revealing.... but it's butterflies!

For those that love vintage

I wanted this lolz... probs still do =P


I wanted this one as well lolz. Poofy-ness, bling and a bow! What more could you ask for?

Short Strapless White Organza A line Vintage Wedding Dress
sliver wedding dress
slim line wedding dress

 Roman/ Greek inspiration?

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  1. I have been looking for a dress very similar to the one 10th from the bottom..with the blue..where did you find it?!