Sunday, April 10, 2011

Things Girls Do [1]

                  Ok so I will admit that guys aren't the only ones that can be annoying.... girls can really have a hit at it as well. But in being a girl, I can vouch for some of these annoying things lolz, having been guilty of a few of them =( Sry world! Yes, but some of them I really can't explain because I just don't get it either. So to all the guys who claim girls are really hard to understand and find that they do pretty dumb annoying things, hopefully this can help and clear up any misunderstandings lolz. So here's a list on annoying things done by girls, mainly on Facebook:-

1. So one of the many things that girls do to annoy guys is abuse the word LOL! Apparently guys find this super annoying and well other girls find this annoying as well. But having been guilty of abusing LOL, I must clear the air and say that I use 'lolz' not LOL =P Ok that's not a an excuse. The reason is because saying LOL is the only thing you can say when you have nothing to say. When a girl says LOL it doesn't necessarily means that she laughing at everything you say, it means she doesn't know how to respond to what you just said and that LOL is the only thing she can say without being mean or ignoring you.
Annoying Facebook Girl - annoying facebook girl LOL

2. All the girls like Twilight, well nearly all of them. But the best is, they say they hate reading books yet Twilight is their favorite book and they can read it over and over and over. No offence but I just don't get it, mainly because don't like Twilight, I don't know which is worse the book or the movie =S And honestly I would rather study than have to read that book again lolz. Anyways this is one of the minor annoying things that girls do, and I can semi get over it if I blame their behavior on their hormones. Like the annoying part is not so much the lying and saying how you hate to read books yet you read books, the annoying part is the Twilight Obsession. The only thing that really annoys me, is the fact that people assume just because you are a teenage girl - you automatically 'love' Twilight. No thank you, it's not my cup of tea, it doesn't have a plot.

3. So another thing that girls do, is say that they would rather have guy friends than girls because girls are too comessy. Yes I understand that girls are comessy,but you're a girl too =S And plus I think guys gossip just as much as girls- if only u knew what I do [ don't worry I'll tlk bout it in another post =P], Yea so guys are just as bad, and I don't understand how you can only have guy friends. Like don't you need to talk about girly stuff like clothes, n boys, n other necessary girly things that we go through everyday?!?! Wouldn't it be weird telling a guy those stuff?? I don't rly know, I never did that so I wudn't know how guys would react to that. Another thing is ... if you only hang around guys, it can sometimes come off to other people that you are just seeking male attention... just letting you know. Yes people can find this annoying.. sry.

4. Ok so it annoys people that when you take a black and white  picture, or any other kind of edited picture, you automatically think you are a photographer.I guess it can be annoying if you over do it, but I really can't vouch for this because I'm guilty as charged..... I like to take random scenery pics n stuff n feel all photographerish!!! And plus I love to edit pics as well and I guess I already over did it because I have a whole album on fb dedicated to my random pics of photography. My reason for this----> I need a life! Idk I like taking pictures, even before digital camera days =P And well I have seen groups on fb supporting photographers n people real liking it up, sadly those people can't take good pics. Laura Ferreira for the the win! Check it out:- [Bonus; she's local] Oh and btw guys are totally guilty of this as well.

5. Ok yea I don't get this!!!! I just don't!! I don't get the fren-sibling thing =S. Like I see people who have their whole bloody school as their family! I cud accept somebody putting their 2 or 5 best friends as their siblings.... but when you decide to put 10 people as your mother, a next 10 as your father and bout 40 as your brothers n sisters.... YOU ARE OVER DOIN IT!!  I don't know about allyuh but my parents wud be pissed if they saw me putting fools as them on fb lolz. They'd be like; 'That's ur mudda??? I didn't know dat??! She go wash ur uniform for Monday!' Yea my mom bad like that n worse yet if its a friend that she doesn't know ' He's your fadda?!?! That ugly boy u put as ur fadda?! At least put somebody better looking nah.' lmao. I didn't even want to put my real sibling as my sibling on fb, d only reason I did, is because I think I hurt his feelings when I ignored him. Anyways...not cool to be related to ur whole school. Boys do this too btw!!!!

6. Ahaha well this is done by guys as well. Yuh hadda let everybody know what you doing, where you going and where you went. Now I could understand, if it's a wall post to ur friend or if somebody asked......or if you soo cool even Manning wanna know where you at! But truth is.. your not! Manning don't even wanna know your name! puh-leaze and if this is what you like to do.... give fb a break and explore Twitter please. I mean Twitter is an awesome way to see if people care about wat the hell you do wit your life, eg; the number of people following you is the number of people who care about what you have to say. I joined Twitter because everybody was talking about it and well I only have like 9 people following me I think... and well 3 are my friends who I call to tell dem crap anyways and the other 6 are people from school. It's been 9 for the past year, and so I learnt the hard way that people don't care and well you should know that they don't care about ur life as well..... unless they ask you. So don't buss out wit ur outta timing limes as ur status plz. Some times a little mystery can be intriguing =P

7. Ok well guys and girls, mainly girls go crazy like a whole set of pages. And well if this annoys you, I can vouch because I often spend hours sitting in front my computer liking nonsense, well not nonsense.... things I can relate to =P The reason for this is because some of those likes are funny and because I am soo bored. Like around 2 in the morning when I can't sleep and nobody is online, I will just go through pages and like stuff. It's not my fault lolz. But I will try and stop, pshhh who am I kidding... it's not like I do it all the time and you people need to read these likes.... hilarious stuff lolz. But yea I guess people can really over do it with their silly likes. But btw who makes these like pages man?? like seriously plz stop with the cheesy crap, nobody likes ; Girl: who do you luv? Boy: You! Girl: why don't you tell the world then? Boy: I already told the world, you are my world! ..Awwwzz. No that does not deserve an awww, that is just not cool because guys don't say things like that and girls aren't that bold faced.
Annoying Facebook Girl - breathing become a fan

8. Ok this one is a win! Girls have a major tendency to post up a pretty pic of themselves looking all prettified, real close up n ting wit the sexy pose... and then what..... they caption it; ' Eww I look so gross, dislike!' Now I really don't get it, my best guess it that these girls want attention, ahem... ATTENTION WHORES much? and they want comments or sumthing so in saying that 'Eww I look ugly', a lot of people would comment and  be like 'Omg noo ur gorgeous.' Now that's annoying. Here's what people, we're gonna protest! Every time you see somebody do that, resist the urge to comment and say something nice, maybe they'll stop. And if your like me... resist the urge to say, 'I agree' =P lolz. I think if you honestly thought you looked gross in that picture, then you would have never put it up on facebook for everyone to see! For example, I know I'm not a super model and that my pics aren't the best but I don't comment and say gross unless it's really gross and most likely that picture was posted by a friend. Trust me I have rly, rly bad pics, like whoaaa, but those things are not for the internet, like if that goes up I probably won't be able to get a job in the future =S.
Annoying Facebook Girl - upload picture tag self make profile pic.

Ok so those are some annoying things that we do, and well I kinda gave reasons for most of them and for the ones that I didn't, then maybe you can explain yourself. Hmm well  I think that should be interesting, don't you? Lolz, well that's all for now, oh yea I'm kinda lacking inspiration and things to talk about, so feel free to suggest topics =).

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