Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More CAPE Joys

           Sniff* Sniff* It smells like CAPE time?!?! Woot! Woot! =P Yes, you know it's that lovely time of the year  again, when the Poui trees blossom, the cane fields burn and exams try to kills us =) Sigh* It's that time when we should be studying, yet everything else seems soooo appealing.... I would know all about that, since that's pretty much what I'm doing right now lolz. So instead of learning chem, in which I'm completely lost, I'm here blogging and as much as I want to change that I can't bring myself to it, sadly.The most terrifying thing about this though, is that it's my last year and there really is no redemption after this... but what's more terrifying than that; are my parents, who are looking forward to a =/ Nothing comes without hard work, and my parents happen to be very aware of that, so at night when I'm laughing on the phone, all you can hear is, "I HOPE YOU'RE STUDYING!", and when I sit down to watch t.v, " I REL LIKE HOW YOU STUDYING!", and when I close my eyes to sleep, "HOW YUH COULD STUDY WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED!?!?" Yes, I hear it all the time 24/7, I swear I hear them saying it even when  they're not talking!?! Oh it's horrible, you can't waste time peacefully at all because you're too paranoid that your parents will jump out of nowhere and cuss you =) Well in my last cape post I was freaking out over chemistry, and well readers I did get a one [ incase you were wondering] and I was soooo super friggin' surprised?!?! Words can't express?! But I couldn't scream out with cape joys because, when my dad called to tell me my results, he told me that I had failed everything and seriously began lecturing me about spending too much time on the phone... so I was still recovering from that =/ Anyway I believe I became more religious to thank God for this miracle... well I tried my very best, so yea. As you can see I'm keeping all my promises here and well since I'm keeping my promises I must say that I will be seeing my chem people this year. I haven't blogged in such a long time that I'm writing shit, so to the point.... CAPE is 23 days away so that means we need to start studying... however, after you watch these pics =P; which describe my situation/ life and probably yours if you're online reading this, instead of a textbook lolz. Well if you remember my pencils from my first CAPE post... this is to add to it... 

Pencils with answers would be nice, but I think a nicer piece of advice at this time is to Keep Calm and well carry on with your studies =)

This is so me! I always ask myself this question especially when it's time to study followed by nonsensical jabber to get all the stupid out before I attempt starting again lolz.... Ok never mind, thinking about it, I ask myself this question all the time actually =S. But I'm sure you all mentally ask yourselves this before study time.

Lolz yes!!! They always see you when you're on the phone, on the computer, sprawling doing nothing and they complain about how lazy you are.... so these few weeks that you study, you must reap the rewards and let them see that. Hahaha parents, complain about that!! =P

This is pretty much what study means to me.. except texting because I never have money on my phone, but for all you rich bastards out there ;) lolz.

I don't want to study, I want to paint instead =(

I won't doubt that the thought has crossed the minds of many.


My thoughts exactly!

Lolz they're true, except for the results one, hopefully. What did I say about procrastinating?!?! It is the work of the devil I tell you!

Let's avoid saying/ thinking this =)

Oh how I wish I could perform such great feats! If you are capable of this, I respect you and envy you and at the same time I hate you for being so bloody brilliant. Salute*

You can say that again Dan the Rad! I mean at the end of it all, once we tried our 'bestest' there's nothing else that could be said or done, and there will be nothing to feel bad about. So just making an attempt is pretty satisfactory.

Err... Does this even need a caption???

Ok ok, I'm through with wasting your time, go do your shit now, because regardless of not studying before, there are still like 22 days ahead and we could make use of that. So yea Good luck my people, hopefully this was inspiring and when you all win your scholarships and awards, you can be like, "Screw my teachers, forget about my parents and siblings, friends, cats and dogs, and my own human intellect, I would like to thank Hindi Bindi for making me study my lazy ass off'. =D

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