Friday, September 9, 2011

A Girl Who Writes

          So having blogged a post on Girls Who Read and having  been totally fascinated by all it had to offer... I have yet another similar post, which is just as astounding. Yes, I was once more browsing around when I found this piece by Monika Alem. It is a response to the articles You Should Date an Illiterate Girl and You Should Date a Girl who Reads and it can be found on her blog along with other works, which you can follow and check out at this link ------>

      So yes I'm a girl who reads, but I'm also a girl who writes =). I have this crazy dream of one day writing a book, but we'll see how that goes lolz. So this piece was quite amazing and says quite a lot and so I couldn't help myself but to share it with you all. The girl who reads can imagine, but the girl who writes can create; it's truly an honor to be both =) Go ahead and see how great it is for yourself, scroll down and read =D.

Date a girl who writes.

By Monika Alem, a girl who writes.

In response to You Should Date an Illiterate Girl and You Should Date a Girl who Reads which I’ve seen floating around tumblr lately.

                    You should date a girl who writes. 

            You’ll find her in the coffee shop, drink balanced precariously on the edge of the too small table because her laptop is taking up so much space. You’ll find her in the waiting room of your shared dentist— see, she’s that one scribbling madly into the battered notebook because she just thought of a great line to use in her next chapter. You’ll find her in your Physics lecture, but she won’t notice you because she’s staring off into space, contemplating her next plot twist. 

                    Approach this girl who writes.

         Ask her what she’s working on. You noticed that it couldn’t be schoolwork from the intense expression on her face. She might shyly let you in on the premise with a promise that “it’s way cooler than it sounds”. Get her number, though (helpful hint) what you really want is her screen name. She leaves a chat window open while she’s working late at night. Her muse is most active between the hours of eleven and three.

         The girl who writes will have an original mind so she believes in originality. She won’t spend all her time quoting another’s words at you, like the girl who only reads. She doesn’t begin her sentences by saying “As Keats once said…” She won’t compare you to fictional characters (Mr. Darcy or Tyler Durden), who bear no resemblance, much less relevance, to the living or dead. She has no interest in being Alice. For that matter, she has no interest in being the next Lewis Carroll, either. She wants to be the next her.  

          The girl who writes is an evolved form of the girl who reads. She has gone beyond exploring the world of others to creating her own. The girl who writes is fascinated not only by you, she is fascinated by life itself and how to capture it in her words. That aspect of her will manifest itself when you introduce her to your friends, your family, your colleagues and she asks them too many questions. You will realize that a girl who writes likes to get to know people. Together, you might go swimming with sharks off the coast of Australia or you may stay home and watch the new X Men movie. She will be equally delighted by both prospects. After all, every person, every experience brings her fresh inspiration. 

           The girl who writes will be excited to fall in love with you. Once she does, she will spend the rest of your life together trying to come up with the perfect sentence to describe that feeling. She will never succeed but she will be okay with that.

                    You know why?

            The girl who writes understands better than anybody else that there is a limit to the power of words. She can reach beyond the alphabet, beyond grammar, beyond language itself. 

                    She knows the value of action.

             Better than knowing what to say, she will know when not to say anything at all and just kiss you or take your hand.

             You already know that you don’t want to date the illiterate girl. With a mind like a white picket fence, she can conceive of no world but her own.

             You thought you wanted to date the girl who reads but I implore you to go one step further. The girl who reads has a mind like a garden, a great garden that is, sadly, also surrounded by a white picket fence. She can conceive of no worlds but the ones others have created for her. 

             Date a girl who writes. Her mind has no fences. Her mind expands at a rate faster than that of the universe. She will be happy to co-author a world with you.

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